Are Your SFPE Emails Going to Your Inbox?Lately, SFPE has been getting a lot of complaints from our members about our emails ending up in their spam folders or being marked as phishing attempts. We have worked at improving links with our email service provider, Informz. They have assured us that all of SFPE emails coming from Informz are being delivered to the company server. The problem might be that some messages are getting caught in internal filters before making it to a member’s inbox.
SFPE Subcommittee on Research & Innovation Launched Research RoadmapThe SFPE Subcommittee for Research and Innovation (SCRI) recently completed a research roadmap that highlights the research needs for the fire safety engineering profession. This roadmap is intended to be a living document that will be central to defining the future of SFPE’s technical initiatives. Its main focus is based on the research that practicing fire safety/protection engineers need.
Pathways to a Career in Fire Protection EngineeringThe seventh edition of the SFPE career guide was distributed with the third-quarter issue of Fire Protection Engineering magazine. There are many useful components in the guide for those aspiring to join the fire protection industry. To highlight a few, there is a description of what fire protection engineering is, what the typical day would look like in a few different types of jobs, and compensation information.

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SFPE offers a wide selection of books, guides and standards, from introductory material to the most-relevant and topic-specific fire information available. Most authors are known internationally for their expertise and thought leadership on a wide variety of topics highly relevant to the fire protection and fire safety fields. Check out current offerings to enhance your professionalism and skill set.

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