Membership Levels/Grades

Affiliate Membership

Is available to all who support the goals and objectives of SFPE. Membership starts immediately upon application. This is a common starting grade of membership with full benefits.

Associate Membership

Is available to graduates of an engineering program, or equivalent experience in practice. Many affiliates upgrade their membership to this level.

Professional Membership

Is available to graduates of an engineering program with an additional minimum of three years experience in responsible charge of fire protection engineering work, or equivalent experience in practice. This is the professional practice grade of membership. Only Professional Members and Fellows are authorized and encouraged to use the special SFPE Logo on their business cards. This special Logo can be downloaded from the member only section of the SFPE website.

Initially you join SFPE as an Affiliate, you can then upgrade to either Associate or Professional Member grade. The Qualifications Board reviews applications for upgrading on a quarterly basis.

You must join SFPE first before you can upgrade your membership.

Forms Required For Upgrading:

  1. Sponsor Form
  2. Upgrade Form 
  3. Qualifications Board Table 

Fellow & Honorary Member

Fellow is the highest grade of membership in SFPE. To be eligible to become a fellow, individuals must have been a professional member (previously known as "Member" grade) for at least 10 years. Election as Fellow shall be in recognition of service to the Society and significant accomplishment and stature in fire protection engineering. Elevation to the grade of fellow requires nomination by at least five fellows or professional members, review by the SFPE Honors Committee, and action by the SFPE Board of Directors. Nominations must be received by February 28, 2014 to be acted upon in the same calendar year.

SFPE Honorary Members are a distinguished group of individuals who either have rendered exceptional service to the Society or have made substantial and outstanding contributions to fire protection engineering, or are generally acknowledged as eminent in fire protection engineering or a related activity. The grade of Honorary Member may be conferred regarless of age or prior membership status in the Society. This grade of membership carries with it all of the privileges of the grade of Fellow in the Society. Nominations follow the same procedure as fellow and use the same forms noting the different qualification criteria.

Allied Professional Group

Is available to all professionals who work closely with fire protection engineers and want to be associated with SFPE and join its local chapters, but do not need full membership benefits.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact Sean Kelleher at (301) 718-2910 ext. 101 or

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