The Jack Bono Award for Engineering Communications

The Jack Bono Award for Engineering Communications is named after Jack A. Bono, a Fellow and Past President of the Society who worked at Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) for 44 years.

Bono began his 44-year career with UL in 1946, following his honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy and his graduation from Northwestern University. In succeeding years, he held various engineering and management positions including manager of UL’s fire protection department. In May 1978, Jack was named UL’s 7th President and CEO. As President, Jack was known as "The Architect,” overseeing the development and expansion of UL’s testing laboratories in Northbrook, IL, Melville, NY, Research Triangle Park, NC, and Santa Clara, CA, as well as numerous other testing facilities. He also pioneered and formalized UL’s relationships with many outside constituencies, and was a strong proponent of maintaining close working relations with the regulatory community. He served as president of UL until his retirement in 1990.

Bono left behind a remarkable legacy of dedication and service to public safety. Development of the current rating systems for fire extinguishers was among his many accomplishments. In addition to his distinguished service at UL and the Society, Bono was a former member of the board of directors of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM).

In honor of this remarkable legacy, this award recognizes author(s) who have most contributed to the advancement and application of professional fire protection engineering in the prior year. The award is endowed by Underwriters Laboratories and the recipient(s) also receives a $2,000 honorarium.

2015 Recipients

Elizabeth Blanchard, Ph.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Blanchard is a fire protection engineer at CSTB, the French governmental agency for buildings. She practices performance-based approach in her business activities applied to public buildings, an approach still recent in France. In research, she works on modeling interaction phenomena between water spray and fire environment (gas cooling, surface cooling, radiative attenuation, visibility loss). She develops with Philippe Fromy also a fire risk assessment model based on a two-zone model and the Monte-Carlo technique, capable to assess a building fire safety level considering both its technical and organizational measures.

Co-authors: Pascal Boulet, Pierre Carlotti, Sylvain Desanghere, Philippe Fromy, J.P. Garo, and J.P. Vantelon

"Experimental and Numerical Study of the Interaction Between Water Mist and Fire in an Intermediate Test Tunnel"

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