SFPE Middle East Conference
19-23 March 2017
Dubai, UAE
Marriott Al Jaddaf

Pre-Conference Course Schedule

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Pre-Conference Course Schedule 

Advance your professional knowledge by attending one of the in-depth professional development courses. Courses are taught by the top leaders and subject matter experts in the field. Meet your licensing requirements and earn up to 7 Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

 *Note: The pre-conference course and the optional tour are an additional fee and excludes the full-conference registration.

Performance-Based Design and Codes Course (1 day)

Date: Sunday, 19 March 2017

Course Description: The course will provide an overview of The SFPE Engineering Guide to Performance-Based Fire Protection. This process identifies methods of a) defining a project scope, b) developing goals, objectives and performance criteria, c) selecting design fire scenarios and design fires, d) developing and evaluating trial designs, and e) preparing design documentation.

The course will also discuss emerging issues related Performance-Based Design (PBD) that include:

  • Incorporating Risk Informed Methods in PBD
  • Selecting an Appropriate Fire Model for a Given Application
  • Estimating Required Safe Egress Time (RSET)
  • PBD in Tall Buildings
  • PBD in Long Tunnels
  • PBD in Structural Fire Engineering
  • Conducting a Peer Review for a PBD
  • Performance-Based ITM for Fire Protection Systems

Learning Objectives: 

  • Define the process outlined in the SFPE Engineering Guide to Performance-Based Fire Protection
  • Formulate fire safety goals & objectives for a given project
  • Differentiate and apply the different types of acceptance criteria
  • Estimate design fires based on a given scenario
  • Contrast the differences in incorporating deterministic vs probabilistic approaches
  • Identify the important steps in selecting a fire model for a given application
  • Estimate REST
  • Outline the steps in performing a structural fire engineering analysis
  • Discuss fire safety issues in tall buildings and long tunnels
  • Identify the steps to conducting a peer review for a PBD project
  • Explain how to Implement a performance-based ITM program for fire protection systems

Who Should Attend? This course is intended for engineers who are interested in applying the concepts of performance-based design (PBD) and enforcement officials who review PBD or engineering alternatives to prescriptive codes.

Assessment of Learning Objectives: Class participation, class discussion of selected problems.

Materials Needed: none

Professional Development Hours (PDHs): SFPE will award 7 PDHs for attending the entire course.

Earn Professional Development Hours

By attending the 2017 Middle East Conference, you will earn 12 valuable professional development hours (PDHs) towards meeting your licensing requirements. Earn up to an additional 7 PDHs by attending the pre-conference professional development courses.