Student Research Grants

Student Research Grant Program

To support baccalaureate, masters and doctoral student research projects in fire safety science or fire protection engineering. A condition of funding is that research must result in a publishable paper and that paper or an alternate presentation must be made available for posting on the SFPE website.

Request up to USD $25,000 will be considered. The maximum overhead allocation that the Foundation will approve is 25% of the value of the grant.

Two copies of the request* must be submitted by the student and must include the student’s faculty adviser’s recommendation. These should be sent to:

SFPE Foundation
c/o Foundation Clerk
9711 Washingtonian Blvd, Suite 380
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Phone (301) 718-2910 Fax 240-328-6225

Submissions will be accepted an any time.

Specific evaluation criteria are shown below.

Evaluation Criteria
Applications for Student Research Grants must, in addition to the research plan, provide written documentation addressing each of the evaluation criteria. Clear, concise written examples of prior research and experience will greatly aid the evaluation process. The following specific criteria will apply to the review of each application.

Technical Merit – 35%. This is a measure of the quality of the research plan and the possibility that it will yield valid and broadly applicable results or contribute to knowledge in the profession. The plan will be evaluated according to the following:

Usefulness – 35%. This is a measure of the potential impact of the research on the field of fire protection engineering. Applicants should provide information to help determine the following:

Qualifications – 15%. Applicants should provide the following information:

Achieve-ability – 15%. This is a measure of whether the proposed plan can be carried out within the stated time frame. Applicants should specifically identify the following:

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