ABET Committee
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ABET Committee


To evaluate educational program accreditation issues that are important to SFPE and the fire protection engineering profession. The ABET Committee will make recommendations to the SFPE Board of Directors in regard to these issues when needed.


Current Activity

The Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Selection of Program Evaluators (PEVs) from the trained SFPE pool for fire protection program reviews
  • Recruitment of future PEVs
  • Recommend to SFPE Board future commissioner appointments
  • Recommend to SFPE Board future ABET Board of Director appointments
  • Evaluation of changes to fire protection engineering and  engineering technology program criteria
  • Encouragement of the accreditation of Fire Protection programs
  • Review and determine responses to proposed ABET actions directly affecting SFPE

In 2009, SFPE became a member of ABET. This development was a vital step in SFPE’s commitment to making certain that FPE higher educational programs meet the educational standards set by the profession. ABET is the accreditation organization dedicated to assuring quality in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology education.

As a member of ABET, SFPE now takes the lead responsibility for the accreditation of FPE higher education programs. As part of this responsibility, SFPE establishes the educational program criteria for FPE programs. This program criterion differentiates FPE programs from the other engineering disciplines. Additionally, SFPE members who are trained by ABET as program evaluators are now the evaluators for FPE programs.

Currently, two fire protection programs are evaluated by ABET– the University of Maryland Fire Protection Engineering and the Oklahoma State University Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology programs. Although ABET accreditation is the standard that is used in the United States, ABET is growing into a global organization. As such, FPE programs throughout the globe can attain ABET accreditation, based on criteria developed by the SFPE.

If you are interested in becoming an ABET Evaluator please contact Chris@sfpe.org.



  • Chair: John McCormick
  • Michael Madden
  • Jeffrey Mattern
  • James Milke
  • Paul River
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