European Chapters Coordination Group
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European Chapters Coordination Group




The European Chapters Coordination Group (ECCG) meets regularly to exchange reports on activities within each country in Europe, to share information about fire protection engineering, and to seek ways to advance common objectives. In doing so it has been observed that the European chapters share many cultural, regulatory, professional practice and educational attributes, needs and opportunities, and that the chapters, therefore, will strengthen and realize greater benefit through the continued sharing of experiences and practices of fire protection engineering and efforts towards common objectives within the European Union through regular meetings and exchange.


ECCG Publications

SFPE Europe Magazine

The Status of Fire Safety Engineering in Europe
White Paper for Professional Recognition for Fire Safety Engineering

ECCG Members

2017 President ECCG

Armelle Muller, French Chapter

ECCG Members

Benelux Chapter
French Chapter
Italian Chapter

Norway Chapter
Polish Chapter

Portugal Chapter

Spanish Chapter
Swedish Chapter
United Kingdom Chapter


European Chapters

Benelux Chapter

President: Peter van de Leur - email

French Chapter

President: Armelle Muller - email

President: Simone Sacco - email
Contact: General Contact - email


President: John Utstrand - email


President: Tadeausz Cisek - email


Portugal Chapter

Paulo Prata Ramos - email

President: Jimmy Jonsson - email 

President: Emma Nordwall - email


President: Gary Daniels - email


If you don't see a chapter in your area and are interested in starting one, please contact Julie Gordon, SFPE Director of Membership and Chapter Relations and we will help you get one started.

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