Improving Statistical Functions with Kin M. Wong

Kin M. Wong, P.Eng, senior associate at LMDG Building Code Consultants Ltd., specializes in fire modeling and building code analysis. The Canadian Building Code has a provision for compliance using alternative solutions that achieves the level of performance required by corresponding acceptable solutions. Wong believes his new methodology will improve statistical functions and is presenting his findings at SFPE’s 2017 North America Conference & Expo on October 11th. He'll also address the development and application of an integrator that allows fire safety engineers to run multiple zone or field models with various input parameter(s) based on selected probability distribution functions.

"It’s a methodology to help answer queries on how good a proposed alternative is, compared to its prescriptive counterpart’,’ he says, “or why a particular extremity is not considered significant.

"The integrator allows the user to build input fire heat-release curves with uncertain parameters," Wong continues. "The user can use Excel macros and its statistical functions to analyze and present the results."

Wong will cover the following in his presentation:

  • The National Building Code of Canada’s acknowledgment of uncertainties in fire safety system performance
  • A tool to integrate Monte Carlo simulation with cFAST, FDS, and CONTAM
  • Built-in random number generator based on various probabilistic distribution functions
  • Extensive spreadsheet functions and macros to conduct statistical analysis of modeling results
  • How to compare probabilities of meeting objectives between design alternative and baseline
    How to identify a significance level for design parameters

Don’t miss Wong’s presentation at SFPE’s 2017 North America Conference & Expo from October 9-11 in Montreal. Network with other fire safety engineers on a common vision for providing quality fire protection and life safety building code consulting on projects across Canada and beyond.

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