Subcommittee for Research & Innovation (SCRI)


The Subcommitee on Research & Innovation (SCRI) is comprised of members with a research or technology development background, a desire to help chart future research priorities for the profession, and an interest in working with other groups, companies, and associations to obtain input for, and communicate back, SFPE research priorities and directions for the future.

The SCRI has three working groups:
  • Roadmap Working Group (RWG) – Develops and maintains a research needs roadmap for the SFPE.
  • External Communications Working Group (ECWG) -- Facilitates effective communications between the SCRI and internal and/or external stakeholders including industry collaborators to both promote the work of the SCRI and to seek input to the SCRI work program where required.
  • Innovation and Emerging Technology Working Group (IETWG) -- Monitors innovation and emerging technology trends in the international fire safety and fire protection community, and keep SFPE International abreast of such developments in industry, academia, and governmental institutions.

Meeting Reports

Committee Members

Name Employer
Greg Baker (chair) SP Fire Research AS
Adam Barowy UL
Haavard Boehmer Combustion Science & Engineering
Hubert Biteau Exponent
David Charters Building Research Establishment
Albert V. Condello III Banda Group
Luca Fiorentini TESCA
Gavin Horn University of Illinois Fire Service Institute
Bryan Hoskins OSU
Ann Jeffers University of Michigan
Amanda Kimball Research Foundation
Bryan Klein Thunderhead
Chris LaFleur Sandia National Laboratories
James Lord ATF
Christian Maluk University of Queensland
Chee Sheng Ow UniversityTechnoligi MARA
Guillermo Rein Imperial College London
Ruben Rodriguez Prosegur
Joseph A. Senecal Kidde-Fenwall
David Sheppard ATF
Seth Sienkiewicz FM Global
Tom Woodford US Coast Guard
Aixi Zhou UNC Charlotte
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