How to Start A Chapter

SFPE has four different types of chapters, there are few differences in the start-up process. In each case the process is fairly straightforward. They all start with holding an informal meeting of interested professionals to gauge interest in forming a chapter. Typically, a group needs a core of 10 volunteers to launch a chapter.  If the group agrees to participate in the effort, you are well on your way to forming a SFPE Chapter. Networking Chapters are designed to be successful as a small groups.  Incorporated Chapter will need at least 25 to start and 100 members to be sustainable based on the fact that studies show 10% of the membership will take on leadership roles and you need at least 10 people managing the chapter to be successful.  The Affiliate Chapter (outside North America) will vary.  

The 4 types of chapter are:

Typical steps for a New Chapter:

After the exploratory team agrees to pursue being a chapter and determines the type of chapter, the team needs to submit the following items to SFPE for approval.

  • Letter of request to form a chapter
  • List of organizing members 
  • Facility Advisory (Student Chapter Only)

Your request will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.  Once approved, you will be forwarded a signed Chapter Charter and certificate.

For questions on how to start a chapter, please contact Julie Gordon, SFPE Director of Membership and Chapter Relations.

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