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Invitation to Submit Articles to Fire Protection Engineering

You are invited to submit articles that:

  • Provide information about new fire protection design methods;
  • Describe use of the latest fire protection technologies;
  • Examine current code-related issues; or
  • Improve readers' professional knowledge and marketability.

Fire Protection Engineering will consider timely, authoritative feature articles covering the following topics:

  • Building systems
  • Codes & standards
  • Education
  • Egress
  • Fire detection
  • Fire dynamics
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire testing
  • Hazardous materials
  • Human behavior in fires
  • Industrial fire protection
  • Insurance
  • International
  • Municipal fire protection
  • Nonwater-based suppression
  • Process safety
  • R&D of hazard & risk analysis
  • Registration and professional issues
  • Smoke control
  • Structural fire protection
  • Transportation
  • Water supplies
  • Water-based suppression

The following types of articles will be considered:

  • Full features (approximately 3,000 words in length)
  • Short features and detailed case studies (approximately 2,000 words in length)
  • Short case studies (approximately 500 words in length)

The magazine will also consider news releases concerning issues, trends, events and research affecting the profession.

To be considered for publication, articles submitted should be free of commercial bias and should provide fresh insights that are sound and relevant to practicing fire protection engineers. Articles should describe problems and solutions from which readers can learn. Descriptions of solutions should clearly communicate lessons learned-how-to insights deduced from experience and explained through examples.

Authors are asked to comply with the Style Sheet for Fire Protection Engineering. Articles submitted should cite authoritative references whenever applicable.

All articles accepted will be reviewed by the magazine's editorial board. Authors will be asked to respond to any comments that are provided by members of the editorial board. All articles accepted will be published with the understanding that publication has been approved by the necessary authority.

Please submit your articles to:

Chris Jelenewicz, Technical Editor
Fire Protection Engineering
Suite 620E
7315 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814 USA
Tel: 301-718-2910


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