Top 9 Reasons You Should Attend SFPE’s North America Conference & Expo
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Top 9 Reasons You Should Attend SFPE’s North America Conference & Expo


October 9–11, 2017 | Montreal, Canada


Hello! The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) is a global organization spanning more than 80 countries and representing those practicing in the fields of fire protection engineering and fire safety engineering. Here at SFPE, we:

  • define, develop and advance the use of engineering best practices;
  • expand the scientific and technical knowledge base; and
  • educate the global fire safety community to reduce fire risk.

Read on for 9 reasons why you should join us at this year’s SFPE conference in Montreal!


1. Schmooze to Expand Your Network of Colleagues and Make New Friends

Networking opportunities await you. SFPE’s conferences are cited as an excellent opportunity

to make connections. Our conference features three “happy hours,” where the cocktail shakers shake, the wine wends its way to your toes and the socializing flows. Meet and mingle not only with conference presenters, but also with other attendees, without the formality of a conference session. Develop contacts and friends that can last for a lifetime.


2. Get Inspired with Actionable Ideas You Can Implement Right Away

You will always learn something new here. We help you acquire knowledge that you were lacking before and get inspired so you will take action to create the future you desire.


3. Get Professional Development Hours

No matter how experienced you are in the profession, everyone can learn. Attendees will have exposure to a variety of points of view, can’t-miss new ideas and trends that can affect the future of fire protection. The educational aspects of a conference can help propel your career and ensure you keep pace with the latest advances in the industry. If you need Professional Development Hours (PDHs), our conference offers 13.75. Need more than 13.75 PDHs? Advance your professional knowledge by attending one of the in-depth optional educational courses offered during the event, are taught by the top leaders and subject matter experts in the field. Meet your licensing requirements and earn up to an extra 21 PDHs.  How convenient is that?


4.  Discover the Latest Fire Protection Trends

Too often, people shy away from the expo hall at conferences. They fear that they will

have to talk to salespeople, but these industry vendors and suppliers are some of the best people for you to know to learn about fire protection engineering trends. Discovering innovative products and services for your company is necessary to stay competitive. Plus, these vendors who sell to our industry fully grasp what is happening in your company. Invest time with them at the event and turn them into your friends and allies.


5.  Position Yourself as an Expert

When you are active in the fire protection industry, you can develop a reputation among your peers as an expert. Those who are engaged over the long term are often asked to speak at our events and to join SFPE Committees, where your knowledge will help shape the society. Like it or not, others enjoy associating with the experts in any industry. If you’re the best-kept secret in the fire protection industry, you could be missing valuable opportunities.


6. Discover a New City

SFPE conferences give you the opportunity to travel and discover new and different places

and cultures. When you travel to our conferences in different cities, you have the opportunity to get to know a new place and discover its story, its history, its people and its culture. Montreal is a remarkable place to be in the fall, and our event is the perfect opportunity to combine leisure and learning. What more could you ask for?


7. Have Fun!

This might not be the most important of all these nine reasons, but we didn’t want to leave it off the list! Being in the fire protection engineering industry should be rewarding and enjoyable. All work and no play can get old fast. Our conferences can add a layer of enjoyment to managing your career growth—and having fun together builds stronger networking relationships. Never underestimate the power of a mixing a little fun with meeting some interesting attendees!


8. Grow Your Knowledge and Network by Investing in Yourself

Leaving the office and sharpening skills is investing in yourself, admitting that you’re worth it

and that you can always learn something new. It’s an investment in yourself, your career and even your company. When you purchase your conference ticket and walk up to the registration desk, you’re saying that you’re investing in your own growth.



9. Save $300 before September 1, 2017

We get it — conferences can be expensive, from the conference ticket to the plane ticket, to the hotel expenses. And that doesn’t even include the time away from the office where you could be doing work. Trust us, we understand and we want to help cut down your cost, because we want you there to learn, bring back new ideas and invest in yourself. SFPE offers an enticing $300 early-bird discount, but the savings end on September 1. Check out the full schedule, optional educational courses and all of the speaker’s bios, and register here.


See you in Montreal!

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