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SFPE Announces 2015 Award Recipients

SFPE has a long-standing tradition of recognizing individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements in support of the fire protection engineering profession. Each year, SFPE members nominate peers they feel are deserving of recognition and the Board of Directors selects recipients of the annual Awards of the Society. Read more...

New SFPE Standard Available Now 

SFPE has published a new standard: SFPE Engineering Standard on Calculation Methods to Predict the Thermal Performance of Structural and Fire Resistive Assemblies (SFPE S.02 2015). Read more...


Call for Abstracts Open for 11th Conference on Performance-Based Codes & Fire Safety Design Methods

Performance-based fire protection design continues to grow in use and acceptance. However, fire protection engineering has not reached the state of other engineering disciplines, where performance-based design is the norm. Because it is an emerging field, major new developments occur at a rapid pace. Read more... 


11 SFPE Fellows Named to University of Maryland’s Inaugural Class of Distinguished Alumni

At a recent University of Maryland Department of Fire Protection Engineering (FPE) Alumni Dinner in Chicago, Illinois, eleven SFPE Fellows were named to the department’s inaugural class of Distinguished Alumni. These individuals were selected by FPE’s Board of Visitors for outstanding achievements in the field and/or significant contributions to the department. Read more...


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Featured Product


Featured Product






Save the date--11th Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods, 22-27 May 2016, Warsaw, Poland. More information coming soon.  

New standard available: SFPE Engineering Standard on Calculation Methods to Predict the Thermal Performance of Structural and Fire Resistive Assemblies (SFPE S.02 2015).


The design of structural fire resistance requires three major steps: (1) determination of the thermal exposure to a structure resulting from a fire (2) determination of the temperature history within the structure, or portion thereof, and (3) determination of the structural response. This standard is limited to the second step in this process.

The standard provides requirements for the development and use of methods to predict the thermal response of structures using listed fire resistive assemblies to time dependent thermal boundary conditions imposed by fires. It provides requirements for calculation methods that provide time dependent temperature field information resulting from fire exposures required for engineered structural fire design (including structural systems and fire barriers). The Annex provides precisely calculated reference temperatures from 16 verification cases that represent a variety of problems that are relevant in fire safety engineering.

To purchase this standard, visit the SFPE bookstore.

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