Beth Tubbs (Term 2016-2018)
Beth Tubbs, PE, FSFPE has been with the ICC since 1995. During her time at ICC she has been involved in a variety of different activities including code development and support. Participation in various committees, both on a national and international level, has also been an important activity for her. Within the ICC framework, Beth has had a staff role in many different activities over the years. In particular, she was the lead staff during the initial development of the ICC Performance Code. This led to extensive involvement on a national and international level on the issues of performance building regulations. In addition to her involvement with performance based regulatory issues, she has been active with prescriptive building and fire code development and application my entire career. Beth has and will continue to assist jurisdictions in applying building and fire codes through code opinions, presentations and development of support products such as commentaries and handbooks. She is currently the secretariat to the International Existing Building Code, ICC Performance Code and the International Fire Code.
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