Minimum Fire Protection Engineer Core Competencies

The Committee on Professional Qualifications – Subcommittee on Professional Competency and Credentialing has put together a draft for the minimum FPE core competencies. The development of this document has been anticipated as it will guide the efforts to implement credentialing around the world ensuring that SFPE, its members, and all fire protection engineers are qualified as they work towards the goal of Engineering a Fire Safe World.

Qualified fire protection engineers are extremely important around the globe as their work directly impacts the public. By defining the minimum levels of knowledge, gained through both academic study and practice, necessary to be a fire protection engineer, it is expected that authorities and governments will be able to raise the bar so that fire protection features and designs are completed by knowledgeable personnel.

Fire protection is an interdisciplinary field and this document explains how a combination of engineering concepts with specific fire protection knowledge leads to competent professionals creating a fire safe world.

In order to submit comments, read the draft for the minimum FPE core competencies document. Fill out the comment form and please return them to Victoria B. Valentine. The deadline for submitted comments is COB on Friday, June 1, 2018.

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