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Nigel Robinson
Nigel Robinson

"With my background which includes both science and teaching I consider the Foundation to be a most appropriate organization to support."


Mr. Robinson resides in Wellington New Zealand and is employed by VeriFire as a Senior Technical Officer. VeriFire provides "Authority Having Jurisdiction" certification of fire sprinkler systems as required by the New Zealand Fire Sprinkler Standard. He has been involved in the New Zealand fire protection industry for 19 years, originally with the Insurance Council of New Zealand. Mr. Robinson was also previously employed by Fire Protection Inspection Services Ltd. where he provided field inspection and certification of sprinkler systems, and third party certification of fire alarm systems.


Mr. Robinson has a Bachelors degree in chemistry from Victoria University of Wellington. He has been an associate member of SFPE since 1991.


If you know Mr. Robinson, or happen to meet him, please thank him for his contribution to the Foundation. The contribution will be used to perpetuate our legacy to the future of fire protection engineering.


St. Lawrence Chapter

The Foundation Continues to Serve the Profession

The Foundation would like to thank the SFPE Saint Lawrence Chapter for its third contribution of $3000 to the Guylene Proulx Scholarship Fund. Pictured below SFPE Saint Lawrence Chapter President Gilles Carrier presents donation to April Hammond-BerkolChair of the SFPE Educational and Scientific Foundation Board of Governors.


Additionally, the Foundation would like to thank the SFPE Texas Chapters of SFPE, which include Austin-San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, for presenting a donation to the SFPE Educational and Scientific Foundation in the amount of $5,531. This donation represents the net proceeds from a post-conference fundraising seminar that followed the 2013 SFPE Annual Meeting in Austin last month. The seminar, which was sponsored in part by Tyco Fire Protection Products and Southwest Research Institute, had almost 100 participants and included several programs by internationally recognized experts in various fire-protection specialties.

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