Engineering Licensing
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Engineering Licensing


To further the legal recognition of fire protection engineering as a profession practiced in the public interest for the protection of life and property.

Current Activity

Coordinates all of the Societies activities as related to the preparation of the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) examination. The committee writes & reviews exam problems, assembles each exam and coordinates exam activities through the National Council for Examiners in Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).



  • Chair: Tony Militello
  • Carl Anderson
  • Traci Bangor
  • Richard Beohm
  • Justin Biller
  • Babanna Biradar
  • Fred Bradley
  • Todd Daily
  • Dick Davis
  • Lori Dinney
  • Doug Fisher
  • Andrew Grenier
  • J.C. Harrington
  • Ken Isman
  • Pisonth Keyuravong
  • Kouji Kobayash
  • Bill Koffel
  • Larry Lucken
  • Stan Maciaszek
  • Robert Malanga
  • George McCall
  • Joe Navarra
  • Adam Paterson
  • Joe Plati
  • Milosh Puchovsky
  • Joe Navarra
  • Kirk Rosenham
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