Membership Committee
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To recruit and maintain members of the society (members of the fire protection engineering community).

Current Activity

Developing a Member-Get-A-Member Campaign, creating messages for different sectors of membership as well as exploring ways to improve membership services.


  • Chair: Randal Brown, Randal Brown & Associates
  • Daniel Arnold, Seneca Fire Engineering, LLC
  • David Barber, ARUP
  • Robert Benedetti, National Fire Protection Association
  • Carol Caldwell, Enlightened Solutions Ltd.
  • David Frable
  • Julie A. Gordon, SFPE
  • John "J.C." Harrington, FM Global
  • Stephen Hill, Rolf Jensen Associates, Inc.
  • Diana Hugue, JENSEN HUGHES
  • Steven Kerber, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
  • Joseph Talbert, Aon Fire Protection Engineering
  • Jose Torrero, The University of Edinburgh
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