Subcommittee for Standards Oversight (SCSO)
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Subcommittee for Standards Oversight (SCSO)


The Subcommittee for Standards Oversight (SCSO) is comprised of members with experience on SFPE engineering task groups and standards committees. This body is charged with assuring balance, adjudicating issues, and undertaking related oversight activities as required by the ANSI process.

The subcommittee’s scope includes:
 a. Approving new technical document projects
b. Appointing technical development committee members
c. Acting on appeals of actions of technical development committees
d. Releasing drafts of technical documents for review and comment
e. Issuing technical documents


Subcommittee for Standards Oversight Publishes New Technical Document Procedures

The SFPE Subcommittee for Standards Oversight (SCSO) recently published two new policy statements: “SFPE Technical Document Development Procedures” and “ANSI Accredited Standards Development Procedures.” These documents will replace the “SFPE Guide and Engineering Practice Document Development Procedures (June, 2004)” and “SFPE Standards Development Procedures (Approved March, 2005, Revised April, 2008).”

The first new document “SFPE Technical Document Development Procedures” outlines procedures for the:

  • Development of Standards that are not accredited by ANSI
  • Development of Engineering Guides (note: engineering guides are not accredited by ANSI)
  • Role of Subcommittee for Standards Oversight (SCSO)
  • Role of Technical committees that develop Standards
  • Role Task groups that produce Engineering Guides

The second document “ANSI Accredited Standards Development Procedures” outlines the procedures for standards that will be accredited by ANSI.  Both documents can be found on the SFPE Technical Page at

 Meeting Reports from Previous SCSO Meetings


 Name  Employer  Interest
 Steve Wolin (chair)  Reliable Sprinkler   Producer
 Kees Both  ETEX Building Performance - Innovation and Technology Centre  Producer
 Ken Bush  Maryland State Fire Marshal
 Enforcement Official
 Allan Coutts  URS Safety Management Solutions
 Facilities Manager
 Casey Grant  Fire Protection Research Foundation  Research & Testing
 Craig Hofmeister  The Fire Consultants, Inc.  Design Engineer
 Kenneth Isman  University of Maryland  Specialist

Design Engineer

 Gary Lewis  City of Summit, NJ  Enforcement Offical
 Kevin McGrattan  NIST  Research & Testing
 Seth Sienkiewicz  FM Global  Insurance
 Gabriele Vigne  JVVA - Fire & Risk  Design Engineer
 Colleen Wade  BRANZ  Research & Testing
URS Safety Management Solutions Facilities Manager
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