Online Seminar: Dust Explosion: Hazard Recognition, Assessment, and Management (2024)

Starts:  Jan 8, 2024 11:00 (ET)
Ends:  Jan 18, 2024 13:00 (ET)

Attendees will learn what practicing fire protection engineer or plant engineer need to know and consider as it pertains to dealing with industrial sites that handle combustible particulate solids. This course covers the chemistry and physics of dust deflagrations, the process and progress of dust explosions, and the means by which the dust explosion hazard can be managed in both prescriptive and performance-based design environment. Learn about combustible dust explosions as a severe problem recognize control and mitigation methods and control of electrical installation hazards for combustible dust areas. Several sample problems will be included as part of the course content. The last session will review a DHA Sample which will be provided to attendees.

Learning Objectives
After completing this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the process and progress of dust deflagrations, know how to identify dust deflagration hazards and how to manage those hazards to a level of risk generally acceptable to the public.
  • Understand what deflagration are and how they propagate
  • Know how to analyze a process/facility to identify dust deflagration hazards.
  • Know why a facility or site is a dust explosion hazard
  • Understand how to read, interpret and employ dust test data
  • Possess a working knowledge of the hazard management methods and means available.
  • Know how to design the appropriate deflagration hazard management systems/programs.


John M Cholin, PE, FSFPE, M.E.E.

Professional Development Credits
15 PDHs