Student Research Grant

The SFPE Foundation supports a number of initiatives designed to further its mission to enhance the scientific understanding of fire and its interaction with the natural and built environment. An important part of this mission is developing the next generation of fire protection engineers. The foundation encourages this through emphasis on student involvement in the Research Roadmap program as well as through the Student Research Grant Program.

Goal: Realize the SFPE Foundation vision through providing educational and research opportunities for the next generation of fire protection engineers.

Purpose: To support innovative baccalaureate and graduate level student research projects in fire safety science or fire protection engineering and to showcase the contributions of students to the advancement of fire protection engineering.

1. Award Incentive

Nominally $25,000 in grants will be awarded annually to support the following:

Funding: A $5000 stipend will be provided to the student recipient of the grant. Travel support to the SFPE annual conference, or equivalent will also be provided.

Student Innovation Showcase: Grantees will have the opportunity to participate in the SFPE Foundation Student Innovation Showcase which includes the SFPE annual conference, SFPE website, and magazine exposure.

2. Eligibility

This program is intended solely for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in programs with a fire safety science or fire protection engineering focus.

3. Application Guidelines and Award

The request must be submitted by the student and must include the student's faculty advisor recommendation. These should be sent to the SFPE Foundation at

Submissions should not exceed 5 pages and should include a description of the innovative objective of the research project, describe the tasks that will be undertaken to achieve it, and state the proposed timeline for completion. Additionally, if this is supplemental funding it should be made clear how the additional funds will be used, the source of additional funding, and if any potential conflicts or restrictions exist that would impact the presentation and publication of the research.

Final decisions rest with the Foundation's Board of Governors, upon recommendation from the Technical Committee.

4. Proposal Recommended Format

While a standard format is not required for the submission of a proposal, it is recommended to follow the basic layout and contents as specified below.

Cover Page: Title of the project; Name and affiliation of the student; Name of academic supervisor/sponsor; Description of any prior financial support.


5. Deadlines

Submissions will be accepted at any time throughout the year; however, submissions are reviewed, and grants are awarded twice per year (assuming qualified submissions). Submissions must be received by November 1st to be awarded in January or by May 1st to be awarded in July.

6. Project Deliverables

It is expected that the results of the research will result in the publication of a peer-reviewed research paper and that the results will be presented at an appropriate forum. The paper will additionally be hosted on the SFPE Foundation website for archival purposes.