We gratefully thank and recognize the following individual members of SFPE, SFPE Chapters, and Corporate Donors for their generosity in supporting the SFPE Foundation. The SFPE Foundation supported vital grants and scholarships. Our educational and scientific research efforts would not be possible without you!


Gigawatt $25,000 or Greater
Johnson Controls
Underwriters Laboratories

Megawatt $10,000-$24,999
Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company

Kilowatt $5,000 -$9,999
Harrington Group Poole Fire Protection

$1,000 -4,999
Daniel Arnold
Chicago Chapter

$500 - $999
Raymond A. Grill

$100 - $499
Edward Armm
Robert Matthew Carasitti
FM Global
Tim Hawthorne
Daniel O'Connor
Leon Perkolaj
Phoenix Fire Systems
Thomas Steven Wright

$1 - $99
Benjamin Bresee
Donald A Killbourn
George H. McCall
Orville M. Slye
Jeffrey S. Tubbs

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