We gratefully thank and recognize the following individual members of SFPE, SFPE Chapters, and Corporate Donors for their generosity in supporting the SFPE Foundation. The SFPE Foundation supported vital grants and scholarships. Our educational and scientific research efforts would not be possible without you!


$1,000 or Greater
New Jersey Chapter
St. Lawrence Chapter
April Hammond-Berkol
Samuel Dannaway
Jeffrey A. Maddox
Kevin McGrattan
Paul E. Rivers
Deborah L. Shaner

$500 - $999
Daniel L. Arnold
Carl F. Baldassarra
Austin - San Antonio Chapter
Central Savannah River Area Chapter
Michael A Crowley
Raymond A. Grill
John C. Harrington
Frederick W. Mowrer
Daniel J. O'Connor
Peter Senez
Thunderhead Engineering

$1 - $499
Kathleen Almand
Sam Beale
Kerry M. Bell
Timothy W. Bowe
Thomas J. Bravante
Guy T. Castino
Central Virginia Chapter
Bernard J. Cosh
Richard J. Davis
Sean S. Donohue
Jason E. Floyd
Ralph Foster
Scott A. Futrell
Melvin K. Harano
John S. Hardy
Paul F. Hart
Dwight H. Havens
Robert Henry
David Jacoby
Peter Johnson
Robert J. Keough
David P. Klein
Randy L. Lane
Eddie Laroque
Jeffrey LaSalle
Alana MacLellan-Bonnell
Dan Madrzykowski
L. Jeffrey Mattern
Connor McGill
Brian J. Meacham
Wallace Merrell
Anthony J. Militello
Tod B. Ossmann
POND & Co.
Jack W. Poole
Ralf Prior
Richard A. Rowlands
Normand Roy
Michael Saade
Philip Sconyo
J. Sargent Slicer
Orville M. Slye
Victor Sordillo
Robert D. Sullivan
Joseph Talbert
Amal Tamim
Beth A. Tubbs
Lisa VanBuskirk
David Walencewicz