What We Do

The SFPE Foundation identifies and promotes research pertinent to the development, advancement, and
application of scientific and engineering principles to safeguard people, property, mission, heritage, and the environment from the negative impacts of unwanted fire. The Foundation has been revitalized to push forward the goals of supporting and growing research. This has been done in part through alignment with the SFPE Research Roadmap. Funds have been developed for six different topics within fire protection engineering parallel to the roadmap. Research is a vital component in moving the industry forward and working to create a world that is safe from fire.

Six Research Roadmap Areas

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Human Behavior Fire Dynamics Non-Structure Fires (Wildland & Equipment)
  • Demographics, vulnerable populations, anthropometry
  • Standardization of design fires
  • Practical models
  • Energy storage
  • Risk assessment for WUI structures
 Risk, Resilience, Sustainability Fire Systems & Emergency Response  Forensics
  • Risk / resilience - environmental impact
  • System reliability, data collection for maintenance frequency
  • Smart firefighting
  • Quantifying measurement and calculation uncertainty