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May issue of Fire Technology Online Now

Friday, April 1, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Maggie McGary
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The May 2016 issue of Fire Technology, the international, peer-reviewed quarterly journal of SFPE and NFPA, is now online. SFPE members get free online access to Fire Technology via the Member Resources section of the website [login required].

Articles in this issue include:

  • Letter to the Editor: IAFSS Working Group on Measurement and Computation of Fire Phenomena by Bart Merci, José L. Torero & Arnaud Trouvé
  • Short Communication: Flame Spread Monitoring and Estimation of the Heat Release Rate from a Cable Tray Fire Using Video Fire Analysis (VFA) by Tarek Beji, Steven Verstockt, Pascal Zavaleta & Bart Merci
  • Original paper: A Virtual Reality Experiment on Flashing Lights at Emergency Exit Portals for Road Tunnel Evacuation by Enrico Ronchi, Daniel Nilsson, Saša Kojić, Joakim Eriksson, Ruggiero Lovreglio, Henric Modig & Anders Lindgren Walter
  • Original paper: The Effectiveness of Horizontal Barriers in Preventing Fire Spread on Vertical Insulation Panels Made of Polystyrene Foams by Liang Zhou, Aiping Chen, Xingna Liu & Fudong Zhang
  • Original paper: Thermal Analysis of Hollow Steel Columns Exposed to Localised Fires by Gonçalo Ferraz, Aldina Santiago, João Paulo Rodrigues & Pedro Barata
  • Original paper: Experimental Studies on the Fire Behaviour of High Performance Concrete Thin Plates by Thomas Hulin, Cristian Maluk, Luke Bisby, Kamil Hodicky, Jacob W. Schmidt & Henrik Stang
  • Original paper: A Case Study on a Fire-Induced Collapse Accident of a Reinforced Concrete Frame-Supported Masonry Structure by Yi Li, Xinzheng Lu, Hong Guan, Mingjian Ying & Weiming Yan
  • Original paper: Experimental Procedures Characterising Firebrand Generation in Wildland Fires by Mohamad El Houssami, Eric Mueller, Alexander Filkov, Jan C. Thomas, Nicholas Skowronski, Michael R. Gallagher, Kenneth Clark, Robert Kremens & Albert Simeoni
  • Original paper: Perception of Occupational Risk of Firefighters in Quito (Ecuador) bt Ignacio Rodríguez-Garzón, Myriam Martínez-Fiestas, Antonio Delgado-Padial & Valeriano Lucas-Ruiz
  • Original paper: Guidance for the Model Developer on Representing Human Behavior in Egress Models by S. M. V. Gwynne, L. M. Hulse & M. J. Kinsey
  • Original paper: An Experimental and Numerical Study of Imbalanced Door Choice During an Announced Evacuation Drill by Honglin Mu, Siuming Lo, Weiguo Song, Jinghong Wang & Jinhua Sun
  • Original paper: Fire Performance of Sustainable Recycled Concrete Aggregates: Mechanical Properties at Elevated Temperatures and Current Research Needs by John Gales, Thomas Parker, Duncan Cree & Mark Green
  • Original paper: A Mathematical Modeling of the Interaction Between Evacuees and Fire Through Radiation by Sungryong Bae & Hong Sun Ryou
  • Original paper: Effect of Wind on Fire Whirl Over a Line Fire by Kuibin Zhou, Naian Liu & Xieshang Yuan
  • Original paper: Residual Strength of Organic Anchorage Adhesive for Post-installed Rebar at Elevated Temperatures and After Heating by Yu Zhang, Guo-biao Lou, Ke-peng Chen & Guo-qiang Li
  • Original paper: Autoignition of Dead Shrub Twigs: Influence of Diameter on Ignition by Virginie Tihay-Felicelli, Paul-Antoine Santoni, Toussaint Barboni & Lara Leonelli
  • Original paper: A Study of Wildfire Ignition by Rifle Bullets by Mark A. Finney, Sara S. McAllister, Trevor B. Maynard & Ian J. Grob

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