"The SFPE Student Chapter in Edinburgh offered the possibility to institutionalize and organize the current dynamic, social and academic movement among the students who are pursing courses in fire safety related degrees,” said Juan P. Hidalgo, president of the University of Edinburgh SFPE Student Chapter. "The Student Chapter provides advice and support to undergraduate and postgraduate students on their research work, as well as collaboration opportunities and social activities.”

Moreover, these chapters provide fire protection students with the opportunity to network with other students, develop leadership skills, promote the profession on campus and explore career development opportunities.

"The UNC Charlotte SFPE Student Chapter allows its members the opportunity to interact and learn from not only experienced students and peers, but from professionals in the fire protection community,” said Mark Stickles, president of the UNC Charlotte SFPE Student Chapter. "The Chapter uses its resources both on and off campus to educate the community on fire safety.”

A complete listing of SFPE Student Chapters can be found on the Careers in Fire Protection Engineering website at Careers.SFPE.org.