Evaluation of the Computer Fire Model DETACT-QS (2002)


Engineering Guide: Evaluation of the Computer Model DETACT-QS

Publisher: SFPE Publish Date: 2022
Pages: 140 ISBN: 978-3-030-82295-8

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This guide is an evaluation of the computer model DETACT‐QS, a model for predicting the response time of ceiling-mounted heat detectors/sprinklers and smoke detectors, installed under large unobstructed ceilings, for fires with user-defined, time-dependent heat release rate curves.

The evaluation document is intended to supplement the model’s documentation by demonstrating its capabilities and limitations and by highlighting underlying assumptions that are important for users to consider when applying the model. The evaluation is based in part on a comparison of model and test results for several geometries that might be similar to those found in the field. An extensive set of references and background on the technical basis of the model are provided.