SFPE European Chapter News
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SFPE European Chapter News

Benelux Chapter

The SFPE Benelux Chapter completed three successful conferences on tunnel fire safety. As a result of these conferences, a dedicated working group was established on tunnel safety. The working group is focusing on issues such as guidelines for CFD modelling, and underlying (fire) scenarios. In April 2014 the chapter visited the Damage Control Training Centre of the Belgian Navy. Moving forward a busy activity agenda for the remainder of 2014 and for 2015 has been prepared, including additional conferences and factory visits to manufacturers of active and passive fire safety products and systems. More information about the SFPE Benelux Chapter can be found at http://www.sfpe-benelux.org/.

French Chapter

French Chapter is preparing a seminar on waste treatment plants and associated fire risks. The objective is to organize a conference session on risks, loss statistics, protection systems, regulation and also a visit of a plant to illustrate best practices. This event should take place in next fall.  More information about the SFPE French Chapter can be obtained by contacting armelle.muller@cnpp.com.

Italian Chapter

The chapter serves a geographic area that includes the country of Italy. More information about the SFPE Italian Chapter can be found at http://www.aiia-sfpe.org/chisiamo/chisiamo.html.

Polish Chapter

The Polish SFPE Chapter has recently organized a seminar on problems and solutions regarding egress design. The seminar attracted approx. 70 professionals from different areas. One of the conclusions of the seminar was that there is a need to develop a guide describing various solutions that could be helpful for all parties participating in design process. The Polish Chapter has taken steps to prepare such guide and presented the idea to the Headquarters of State Fire Brigade. More information about the SFPE Polish Chapter can be found at http://www.sfpe.pl/index.php/charpterpl.

Spanish Chapter

The SFPE Spanish Chapter was officially created a little more than a year ago. The chapter’s executive board is convinced that it will be a very good complement to the existing fire safety organizations in Spain. The chapter will organize a few technical seminars throughout this year, something that I know will be appreciated by the Spanish engineers. For more information about the SFPE Spanish Chapter contact jimmy.jonsson@jvvafire.com.

Swedish Chapter

On November 27, the members of SFPE Sweden (BIV – Föreningen för brandteknisk ingenjörsvetenskap) elected a new board of directors. The board comprises a total of nine members, plus an additional two co-opted fire protection engineer student representatives from Lund University and Luleå University of Technology. During 2015, the board is particularly involved in the following activities:

  • Supporting SFPE in the planning, preparation and execution of the first SFPE Europe Conference on Fire Safety Engineering.
  • Representing SFPE Sweden’s members in technical committees and reference groups, such as the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s reference group and the Swedish Fire Protection Association’s regulation group on sprinkler.
  • Enabling SFPE Sweden’s members to make their voice heard when regulators submit updated proposals on new/edited prescriptions.
  • Supporting local group meetings in Sweden, which is one of the most appreciated activities among our members. The board is helped by four independent local groups in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Linköping (just launched), who approximately twice a year arranges meetings in their region. The meetings aim to spread knowledge and serve as a professional meeting point, and normally they are scheduled for late in the afternoon and last two hours.
  • Supporting members in practical fire safety engineering applications. In 2013, SFPE Sweden managed to release three documents, which all aimed to provide support its members in practical application of fire safety engineering, particularly in fields that gave much room for interpretations (and thus, varying solutions to the same problem) and that would benefit from a common ground. The documents were a product of a great member engagement, and covered areas such as control of fire protection in the building process, CFD calculations with FDS, and fire safety design of complex buildings. In 2015, a fourth document will be released on the topic of measures to support fire rescue operations in high rise buildings. 

During 2015, SFPE Sweden is also carrying out strategic work to improve the long time planning of the chapter’s operations. This will be communicated to the chapter’s members during autumn 2015. SFPE Sweden also annually awards an individual with an award for his or her outstanding contributions, and will do so in 2015 as well. The prize will be awarded on the annual meet in the end of 2015.

More information about SFPE Sweden can be found at http://www.sfpe-biv.se/. Also feel free to contact the President of SFPE Sweden, Karl Fridolf, at karl.fridolf@sp.se.

UK Chapter

SFPE is pleased to announce the formation of the United Kingdom Chapter. The chapter was approved by the SFPE Board of Directors on June 24, 2014 and will be led by Gary Daniels with its principal office in London. The chapter will serve a geographic area including England, Wales and Scotland. The Chapter’s Annual General Meeting was held on 8 September 2014 in London. For information, please contact Gary Daniels at GaryDaniels@hoarelea.com or on Twitter @SFPE_UK.

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