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Fire Protection Engineering (FPE), SFPE’s flagship magazine, released quarterly, is the only industry publication written and peer-reviewed by Fire Protection Engineers for Fire Protection Engineers. FPE is available to SFPE’s 5,000 global members in print and digital formats. An additional 15,000 SFPE Chapter members also receive the digital version extending your reach to the local level.   
As fire protection engineers, fire safety engineers, fire engineers, and allied professionals, all are working towards the common goal of engineering a fire-safe world as decision-makers involved in the design, specification, approval, and purchase.

Rates, Submission Guidelines, & Specifications

NEW FOR 2023:
FPE Magazine Landing Page
$3,800: Top Leaderboard, one exclusive advertiser per issue, three issues
$4,500: Side rectangle, near table of contents, one advertiser per issue, three months

Perspective Column
FPE magazine's new column, Perspective, is your opportunity to position your organization as a content resource. 
This column offers exclusive opportunity to one company per issue to submit content of their choosing related to case studies, research, and other topics of interest to the fire safety community. 
SFPE will publish this content in an issue of FPE Magazine for our members to access in print & digital formats

Specs: Maximum of 500 words, one logo and photo included

Bundle Landing Page & Perspective Column, and receive a 15% discount

2023 Editorial Content (this is subject to change):
Quarter 1: Space Travel
Article 1: Space travel (hazards)
Article 2: Fire Safety in Antarctica
Article 3: Environmental and Health Impacts of Large-Scale Fire Events
Article 4: Structural Resilience to Mitigate Fire Hazard in Modern Structures
Viewpoint: NASA's Fire Protection Program
Spaces Close: Friday, January 20th
Artwork Due: February, 1st

Quarter 2: Wildland Fires
Article 1: Researching Firebrands from Wildland Fires
Article 2: Understanding the Wildland Urban Interface
Article 3: Human Behavior during Wildland Fire Emergencies
Article 4: SFPE Foundation's New Wildland Fire Manual
Viewpoint: Fire Service Perspective on WUI
Spaces Close: Friday, April 21st
Artwork Due: Monday, May 1st

Quarter 3: Marina/Waterfront
Article 1: Marina/Waterfront Fires
Article 2: Foam
Article 3: Ship Fires
Article 4: Piers or Underwater Hotels
Viewpoint: TBD
Spaces Close: Monday, July 24th
Artwork Due: Wednesday, August 2nd

Quarter 4: Sustainability
Article 1: Post-natural distasters
Article 2: E-Bikes
Article 3: SFPE Foundation
Article 4: Gen 4 Nuclear
Viewpoint: FDNY
Spaces Close: Wednesday, October 4th
Artwork Due: Friday, October 13th