Research, Tools & Methods (RTM)

The RTM Standing Committee

Greg Baker, Chair
Chris Jelenewicz, Staff Liaison

Scope of Work:

The Standing Committee on Research, Tools and Methods identifies, develops, and oversees SFPE’s technical products and research work, review new innovations, and helps to establish the research agenda for the fire safety engineering profession.

Committee Members:

Farid Alfawakhiri Hosam Ali* Palinda Bandara Robert Barker Adam Barowy
Tracey Bellamy  Erel Betser   Justin Biller    
Hubert Biteau
Dorota Brzezinska
Mark Budzinski
Jason Butler Carl Chappell
Kenneth Bush
David Coutts
Matthew Davy
David Charters Albert Condello
Mark Dietenberge
lvaro Gomes Ferreira
Ben Slama Fethi Steven Dryden Rita Fahy*
Luca Fiorentini
Charles Fleischmann
Daniel Goldberg
Jason Floyd Richard Gann
Al Gonzalez
Simon Goodhead
Adam Gribb
Casey Grant Joshua Greene
Raymond Grill
Norman Groner*
Jeff Halpert
Jeffrey Grove Steven Gwynne*
Donald Havener
Laura Hasburgh
Gavin Horn
Victor Ho Craig Hofmeister
Brian Hoskins
Morgan Hurley
Francisco Joglar
Thomas Izbicki Ann Jeffers
Nader Kamal
Mohammad Karim
Rainer Koennecke
Woon Hyung Kim Bryan Klein
Brian Kuhn
Erica Kuligowski
Daniel Lampke
Chris LaFleur Kevin LaMalva
Barbara Lane
Gary Lewis*
Alana MacLellan-Bonnell
James Lord Ray Loveridge*
Zachary Magnone Christian Maluk Mark Mannex Jamie McAllister Kevin McGrattan
Stewart McLaughlin  Brian Meacham  Christopher Naum     
Ruben Negro
Scott Nesvold
Hidemi Omori
Michael Nightingale Paul Nordmeier
Hossam Shalabi Chee Sheng Ow Peter Petrus Michael Phillips Ian Raymond
Eric Reed Guillermo Rein Ryan Rigsbee Alberto Rodriquez Alvin Kirk Rosenhan
Christopher Schemel Vladimir Seliverstov Joseph Senecal Khalaf Zaid Al Shamari David Sheppard
Seth Sienkiewicz Stephen Skalko Jason Smart* Matthew Stone Steven Strege
David Stroup Jerry Taricska Piotr Tofilo Jeffrey Tubbs Don Turno
Ineke Van Zeeland Gabriele Vigne Colleen Wade Lauren Waring Jonathan Weigand*
Ulf Wickstrom   Christopher Wieczorek Rosalie Wills     
Steven Wolin
Nathan Wittasek Bob Zalosh
Thomas Woodford Shaun Wrightson
Aixi Zhou

*not an SFPE member


Codes and Standards Liaison (SCCSL)

Matthew Davy, Subcommittee Chair

Scope of Work:

The Subcommittee for Codes and Standards Liaison (SCCSL) is comprised of members interested in promoting the use of fire safety engineering data, tools and methods within building codes and standards. The SCCSL is responsible for facilitating adoption of SFPE standards and guides into building regulations, codes and standards. Persons from the SCCSL may be appointed by the Board to represent SFPE in specific codes and standards development / liaison activities.

Committee Members:

Erel M. Betser Julie Bryant Dorota Brzezinska Ken Bush Carl Chappell
Daniel Goldberg Joshua Greene Adam Gribb Raymond A. Grill Jeffrey S. Grove
Jeffrey D. Halpert Donald M. Havener Brian D. Kuhn, Jr. Gary Lewis Mark R. Mannex
Michael Nightingale Paul Nordmeier Michael Phillips Eric L. Reed Stephen V. Skalko
Lauren Waring


Handbook Development (SCHD)

Jeff Tubbs, Subcommittee Chair

Scope of Work:

The Subcommittee for the SFPE Handbook Development (SCHD) is comprised of those SFPE members and others from the scientific and engineering community who are / will be authors of the SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering (Handbook). The purpose of the SCHB is to provide a mechanism to help facilitate the flow of information between the scientific and practitioner communities such that future editions of the Handbook continue to reflect state of the art information and approaches as well as addressing needs of practitioners.

Committee Members:

Alberto A. Rodriguez Julie Bryant Jason Butler Craig Hofmeister Alana MacLellan-Bonnell
Kevin B. McGrattan Scott A. Nesvold Guillermo Rein Ryan K. Rigsbee Jerry R. Taricska
Gabriele Vigne Christopher J. Wieczorek Aixi Zhou

Research and Innovation (SCRI)

Greg Baker, Subcommittee Chair

Scope of Work:

The Subcommittee on Research & Innovation (SCRI) is comprised of members with a research or technology development background, a desire to help chart future research priorities for the profession, and an interest in working with other groups, companies, and associations to obtain input for, and communicate back, SFPE research priorities and directions for the future.

Committee Members:

Adam M. Barowy Haavard Boehmer Hubert Biteau Julie Bryant David A. Charters
Albert V. Condello Luca Fiorentini Jason E. Floyd Gavin P. Horn Bryan L. Hoskins
Ann E. Jeffers Amanda Kimball Bryan Klein Chris LaFleur James Lord
Cristian Maluk Cheng Shen Ow Guillermo Rein  Ruben Rodriguez Joseph A. Senecal
David Sheppard Seth Sienkiewicz Thomas J. Woodford Aixi Zhou

Innovation and Emerging Technology Working Group

Seth Sienkiewicz, Subcommittee Chair

Greg Baker Haavard Boehmer Luca Fiorentini Bryan Klein James Lord
Ruben R. Negro Joseph A. Senecal

Standards and Guidelines Development (SCSGD)

Brian Meacham, Subcommittee Chair

Scope of Work:

The Subcommittee for Standards and Guidelines Development (SCSGD) is comprised of members with appropriate expertise and experience and an interest in developing standards and guides to be used by suitable qualified professionals in the fire protection and fire safety engineering community.

The SCSGD includes Standards Committees (SCs) and Task Groups (TGs) which develop specific, topic-oriented SFPE Standards and Guidelines. SCs and TGs are not standing committees and as such will be established as needed for the development and maintenance of SFPE Standards and Guidelines. SCs and TGs may be sunset as appropriate based on the lifecycle of associated documents and continued need for the committees.

As of January 2016, the SCs and TGs are as follows. Additional SCs and TGs will be established as appropriate and necessary in line with the SFPE strategic plan and associated initiatives.

Standards Committee on Calculating Fire Exposures to Structures

Craig Beyler, Standards Committee Chair

Committee Members:

Jeff Halpert
Frarid Alfawakhiri Vyto Babrauskas Jonathan R. Barnett Charles Fleischmann Jeff Halpert
Mohammad Heidari Craig Hofmeister Venkatesh Kodur Kevin LaMalva Barbara Lane
Hossein Mostafaei Jason Smart William Bernie Till Ulf Wickström Jonathan Weigand

Standards Committee on Design Fire Scenarios

Charley Fleischmann, Standards Committee Chair

Committee Members:

Dorota Brzezińska Kees Both Jason Butler Jason Floyd Craig Hofmeister
M. C. Hui Martin Nilsson Jason Smart David Stroup Piotr Tofilo
Colleen Wade Craig Weinschenk Shawn Wrightson

Guidelines Committee on Human Behavior in Fires

Dan O'Conner, Subcommittee Chair

Committee Members:

Justin B. Biller ulie Bryant Steven C. Dryden Simon P. Goodhead Steven M. Gwynne
Bryan L. Hoskins Erica Kuligowski Jaime L. McAllister Hidemi Omori Steven Strege

Risk Task Group

Fransisco Joglar, Subcommittee Chair

Committee Members:

Brian Ashe Russ Bainbridge David Charters Albert Condello Luca Fiorentini
Kevin Frank
Håkan Frantzich Timothy Hawthorne Yaping He Vladimír Mózer
Tod Ossmann Rob Plonski Steven Scandaliato Ai Sekizawa John Utstrand
Armin Wolski

Standards Oversight (SCSO)

Steve Wolin, Subcommittee Chair

Scope of Work:

The Subcommittee for Standards Oversight (SCSO) is comprised of members with experience on SFPE engineering task groups and standards committees and is charged with assuring balance, adjudicating issues, and undertaking related oversight activities as required by the ANSI process.

Committee Members:

Julie Bryant Kenneth E. Bush David A. Coutts Casey C. Grant Paul F. Hart
Craig E. Hofmeister Kenneth E. Isman Thomas Izbicki Kevin B. McGrattan Seth Sienkiewicz
Gabriele Vigne Colleen Wade


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