Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

The 15th SFPE Fire Safety Conference & Expo on Performance-based Design to be held in person April 17-19, 2024, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The application of fire safety engineering to develop innovative and robust fire and life safety solutions for the built environment has expanded considerably over the past 30 years. In many countries, this has been facilitated by the implementation of performance-based building and fire codes. The focus on performance has enabled fire protection engineers to more actively participate in the creative design process and work collaboratively with architects and other engineers to achieve the functionality, aesthetics, and cost-effective construction solutions.

The 15th SFPE Fire Safety Conference & Expo on Performance-Based Design in Denmark in April 2024 will provide an excellent global opportunity to address current and future trends in building and fire regulatory systems, the contribution of fire protection engineers to innovative design solutions, and the latest developments in fire modelling, risk assessment and analysis in support of those solutions and their approvals.

The conference will also provide a forum for discussion of the issues of fire protection engineering education, professional competence, product certification and inspection, fire safety maintenance and management, verification methods and all the regulatory and administrative provisions needed to ensure that effective fire safety outcomes result from performance-based design solutions.


Papers are being sought on where the practice of fire safety engineering is today, what new or disruptive technologies or issues will influence the future, and what the future holds for performance based fire safety design methods in addressing current and emerging needs.

Presentations are being sought but not limited to the following representative topics showcasing application of PBD approaches:

Ø  Battery Fires / Storage

Ø  Mass Timber Buildings

Ø  Wildland Fires

Ø  Structural Fire Engineering

Ø  Risk Based Approaches

Ø  Application of AI / Digitalization

Ø  New Materials

Ø  Research & innovation

Ø  New Fire Risks

Ø  Infrastructure

Ø  PBD Codes, Frameworks and Guides

Ø  Sustainable Design

Ø  Project Examples/Applications of PBD solutions

Ø  Evacuation

Ø  Heritage Properties

Ø  Fire Dynamics


Submittal Requirement

Those wishing to be considered to present should submit an abstract through our abstract submittal online system by 10th October 2023. All topics relevant to performance-based design solutions and the supporting analysis, performance-based codes and the associated regulatory frameworks will be considered. The conference language is English. Presentations must be noncommercial in nature. If accepted for presentation, all authors will be notified by the end of November and the presentation slides will be due by 16 March 2024.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact at We look forward to your submissions and selecting the best abstracts for presentation showcasing your work at the conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Top-rated abstract will be selected by the Committee and recognized at the Conference.

Thank you for your interest and support!