2019 Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the prestigious SFPE Educational and Scientific Foundation awards.

Jack Bono Award for Engineering Communication

The 2019 Bono award recipients are: Dr. Matthew Hoehler and Christopher Smith for their paper entitled, “Imaging Through Fire Using Narrow Spectrum Illumination.”

Arthur B Guise Medal

The 2019 Guise medal will be presented to Paul E Rivers, PE, FSFPE. Paul's eminent achievement to deserve this award includes his role in research, development, design and innovation. He is also a past-president of SFPE and has been involved at the chapter, national, and international levels to support the fire protection engineering industry.

The Student Scholar Award

The 2019 Student Scholar Award goes to Davood Zeinali. Davood has demonstrated excellence in his studies in fire safety engineering both during his IMFSE masters program and during his PhD at Ghent University. Apart from doing great professionally, Davood was involved in IMFSE student chapter for years putting up many interesting events showing great organizational and leadership skills.

Proulx Scholarship

The 2019 award is presented to Silvia Alejandra Arias Osuna, who is currently studying at Lund University. Her research relates Virtual Reality (VR) with studying human behavior in fire scenarios. This allows the conditions to simulate those that may otherwise be dangerous to have people participating.

Our Purpose | Mission

Enhance the scientific understanding of fire and its interaction with the natural and built environment.

Our Impact | Vision

Facilitate scientific and engineering research focused on fire risk, safety, mitigation, control and human response. 

Facilitate the development of engineering methods to mitigate the adverse consequences of unwanted fires. 

Provide educational and research opportunities for the next generation of fire protection engineers.




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