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Our Purpose | Mission

Enhance the scientific understanding of fire and its interaction with the natural and built environment.

Our Impact | Vision

Facilitate scientific and engineering research focused on fire risk, safety, mitigation, control and human response. 

Facilitate the development of engineering methods to mitigate the adverse consequences of unwanted fires. 

Provide educational and research opportunities for the next generation of fire protection engineers.

Our Value Proposition

Facilitate global collaboration to advance the technical needs of our profession. 

Identify and promote research pertinent to the development, advancement, and application of scientific and engineering principles to safeguard people, property, mission, heritage, and the environment from the negative impacts of unwanted fire.

Develop long‐term funding resources to sustain progressive research in fire protection engineering.

Our Programs

Implementing the SFPE Research Roadmap – an ambitious program to support the implementation of the SFPE Research Roadmap. In 2019, the Foundation is supporting human behavior research to update anthropometric data and movement speeds. 

Student Research Grants - annual grants to global fire protection engineering/fire science students conducting research on innovative fire protection engineering topics

Awards and Scholarships – annual awards in honor of Jack Bono, Arthur Guise, and Guylene Proulx to recognize unique contributions to the profession.