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NEW! Curriculum Consultant for FEMA-Funded WUI Project

“Engineering Science for the Fire Service: Developing a WUI Risk Assessment & Mitigation Curriculum”

Project Description

The  recently received a FEMA Fire Prevention & Safety Grant (FY2021) to develop an engineering science-based educational curriculum for fire service personnel that helps address unmet training needs with respect to Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) fire risk assessment and mitigation. Fire protection engineers can offer educational tools and resources to help support fire departments in the field. These tools can be applied across the spectrum of WUI fire hazards – in areas like individual asset protection, community evacuation and notification, and community-level wildfire protection and mitigation. This project will assess fire department training needs in WUI fire property risk assessment and mitigation strategies that can be addressed with engineering-based resources and guidance, document best practices, develop an engineering-based curriculum for firefighters conducting WUI property risk assessment and developing mitigation strategies, and illustrate how the curriculum can reduce risk by addressing unmet training needs for a wide range of departments.

The aim of this project is to develop a classroom-based training curriculum (including courses, course content, delivery methodology, and learning assessment) that introduces fire service personnel to engineering-based guidance and tools that can provide more nuanced guidance to fire departments conducting WUI property fire risk assessment and mitigation activities, especially in areas where existing codes, regulations, or tools are not locally contextualized. The curriculum is expected to cover the engineering science behind the risks associated with different asset and community configurations, structural components, configurations, and other features of the built environment in the WUI so that fire departments can adapt their approaches to better meet local needs. The curriculum will be designed to address unmet training needs for a wide range of departments – regardless of their size or prior experience with WUI fires – and will empower them to adapt available resources to their own needs and thereby reduce risk in their communities.

We are seeking an experienced Curriculum Consultant to lead the development of the curriculum of engineering-based resources and tools for fire departments conducting WUI risk assessment and mitigation activities. The Curriculum Consultant will work with SFPE Foundation Staff, the Project Advisory Panel, and an Engineering Technical Consultant, to produce the curriculum with input from fire service personnel, existing reports, interviews and desk review, the SFPE Foundation WUI Working Group, and other partners; revise the draft curriculum based on feedback from fire service outreach campaign and dissemination activities; collaborate with the Engineering Technical Consultant, Staff, and Advisory Panel to produce illustrative case studies of the impact of the curriculum on risk reduction for fire departments in the WUI, and lead the production of illustrative videos, infographics, and other communications materials in support of the curriculum.

We welcome proposals from groups or individuals. Up to $65,000 (USD) may be awarded.

Deadline for Submittals: 11:59 pm ET on Thursday, December 8, 2022

Direct submissions and inquiries to Dr. Leslie Marshall, SFPE Foundation Director, at No phone calls, please.

Download the full request for proposals, including instructions for submission, here: