2024 Foundation Award Nominations


Apply or Nominate Someone Today | Accepting 2024 Foundation Award Nominations



The SFPE Foundation invites nominations for our annual awards and scholarships. Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. Each SFPE Foundation award has specific application criteria and eligibility requirements. Please visit the dedicated pages for each of the awards to learn more.

The SFPE Foundation is dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding of fire and its interaction with the natural and built environments. Our awards and scholarships help us deliver on that mission by recognizing and supporting the outstanding work and dedication of academic, professional, and student leaders across the fire engineering community. Please help us recognize tremendous research, academic achievement, and dedication to the field by encouraging qualified individuals to apply today.  

Procedures for submission

Interested applicants can self-nominate (or nominate someone else) by completing the 2024 Foundation Awards Nominations/Applications Form. SFPE membership is not required for all Foundation awards, though it is encouraged. If you are not an SFPE member, you can create a free account to log in and access the awards submission portal linked above.

The following information is required for filing a nomination:

    1. Nominator and Nominee Details: Full name, email address, and school or organization.
    2. Award Applying/Nominating for: Guise Medal, Proulx Award, Mowrer Global Scholar Award, or Student Scholar Award. You may apply for more than one award, but you must submit a separate application for each award.
    3. Supporting Documents: All SFPE Foundation awards and scholarships have different requirements. Please view the requirements on the relevant webpage (linked below) and compile all information into a single document (PDF preferred) for uploading in the awards portal.
    4. All nominations must be submitted by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Monday, April 1, 2024.

The Foundation Awards Form also asks applicants to identify the areas of the SFPE Research Roadmap with which their work best aligns. Please review the Research Roadmap for guidance on our priority research areas. 

Please note that the SFPE Foundation Awards Committee is responsible for evaluating all submissions according to the criteria indicated for each award. The awards available for nomination are:

The 2024 nomination period is now over. Check back in 2025!

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Tarbet at atarbet@sfpefoundation.org

SFPE Society Award Nominations are also open. View Society awards here.