Student Travel Fund

The SFPE Foundation is dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding of fire and its interaction with the natural and built environments. Our awards and scholarships help us deliver on that mission by recognizing and supporting the outstanding work and dedication of academic, professional, and student leaders across the fire engineering community.

This year, the SFPE Foundation will give out three annual awards and scholarships, and at least five Student Research Grants. The Dr. Guylène Proulx, OC Scholarship Award, Frederick W. Mowrer Global Scholar Award, and the Student Scholar Award all support students from across the globe in their pursuit of the science and practice of fire engineering. These awards also come with an invitation to present at the SFPE Annual Conference & Expo (or another SFPE or SFPE Foundation-affiliated event), yet students cannot always join us at the conference due to financial constraints.

In recognition of this barrier to full and equitable participation in the life of the Society and of the Foundation, the SFPE Foundation has created a new Student Travel Fund. This fund will support travel stipends for students receiving honors, awards, and, or scholarships that include invitations to present at in-person events. While receiving an award or scholarship is exciting alone, the opportunity to present to a group of future peers and network with those in your field is an invaluable experience for many students.

Deanna Craig, a 2020 Student Research Grant recipient, recently shared:

"In research, professional conferences are essential for marketing and realizing the full impact of any project. As a full-time student, travel is not always something I'm able to consider; this grant gave me the opportunity to reach potential partners and discover more practical applications of my project in the field." 

With the Student Travel Fund, the Foundation will be able to provide additional support to students like Deanna, making a real difference in their personal and professional development. All contributions made to this fund will go to supporting student travel and related operational expenses.

Please consider supporting the Student Travel Fund:

  • $50 pays for 500 air miles
  • $200 pays for one night of lodging at the conference or event
  • $500 covers roundtrip airfare for a domestic student
  • $1,000 covers one-way airfare for an international student

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