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Grand Challenges White Papers

Over the past year, the four GCI working groups, led by their chairs and fellows, have developed white papers for each section. The papers present the groups' findings and a plan for research and action for the next ten years in the profession. Following internal review and revision, the papers are now being made public for further input and comment. 

Start with the Executive Summary for a broad overview, or dive directly into each white paper below. All documents are are PDFs.

And remember to attend the 2023 GCI Virtual Summit to hear the findings directly from the working groups.

Grand Challenges in Climate Change

Grand Challenges in Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, & Cybersecurity

Grand Challenges in Energy & Infrastructure

Grand Challenges in Resilience & Sustainability

Public Comment Period

The public comment period ended on November 30, 2023.

Questions? Contact atarbet@sfpefoundation.org.