Nominate today! Now accepting SFPE Award nominations from February 1 - April 1, 2024




SFPE invites nominations to award and honor those who are currently doing exceptional work in the world of fire protection, their recognition is a must. Interested parties can nominate themselves, institutions, and fellow SFPE members of the fire protection engineering community. For eligibility criteria, please visit the dedicated pages for each of the awards which are linked below.

The Society seeks to recognize the immense amount of hard work and dedication undertaken by its members better the fire protection and safety community. It is the hope of SFPE to regularly honor those that go above and beyond while inspiring others to contribute, volunteer, serve, or inspire the next generation of fire protection engineering professionals.

Procedures for submission

SFPE members can submit a nomination by clicking on the individual award links below or by visiting the Awards & Honors section of the website. Members must be logged in with a valid membership to nominate.

The following information is required for filing a nomination:

  1. Nominator and Nominee Details: Full name, email address, contact number, and organization.
  2. Reason for Nomination: Provide a summary/highlights of why the nominee is deserving of the award or honor.
  3. Supporting Documents: Upload any supporting documents that support why the nominees should receive the award or honor. Supporting documents may include a CV, a list of professional achievements, volunteer work, honors or awards, or a list of published papers.
  4. A small portion of text to be read during the awards ceremony if your nominee is selected as an award winner.
  5. All nominations must be submitted by 11:59PM EST Monday, April 1, 2024.

Please note: All nominees must be current members of SFPE except for Fire Person of the Year. The SFPE Awards Committee is responsible for evaluating all the nominations. The Awards available for nomination are:

Submission for Award for Chapter Excellence (ACE)

SFPE Chapters must complete a Chapter Activity Report annually in accordance with the current Standing Rules. The completed chapter evaluation form will be used to select the Award for Chapter Excellence (ACE). Access chapter evaluation forms here:

All Submissions are due by 11:59 PM EST Monday, April 1, 2024.

SFPE Foundation Award Nominations are also open. View Foundation awards here.