What the Nominating Committee Does

The Nominating Committee consists of six members, three are elected by the Society in accordance with election procedures, and three are appointed by the Board of Directors within sixty days after the Annual Business Meeting. The Immediate Past President chairs the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee does three things:

1. Verifies that the applicants for the Officer positions and Directors of the Society are members in good standing and are eligible to serve.
2. Nominates at least one eligible candidate for each vacant position for election.
3. Publishes a list of eligible applicants and the office for which they applied.

2021 Nominating Committee

Nicole Boston (Ex-officio)
Virginia Charter (appointed)
Michael Crowley (Chair)
Renato Molina (elected)
Ai Sekizawa (elected)
Craig Vesely (elected)
Karl Wallasch (appointed)