SFPE symposia are structured to disseminate state-of-the art expertise from our community’s brightest minds, researchers, and practitioners on singular topics or an industry niche in fire protection engineering.  

Grand Challenges Initiative Virtual Summit

Championed through the SFPE Foundation to capture the collective creativity and real-world experience of the SFPE community, network, and partners, this initiative aims to envision how fire safety science and engineering can contribute to tackling the grand, global challenges that communities face around the world.

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Engineering Challenges Symposium on Cultural & Heritage Sites

Originally scheduled for June 2020, this symposium is being planned for Fall 2022 in Rome, Italy.  Details forthcoming.  

Engineering Challenges Symposium on Wildland-Urban Interface

Anticipated for late 2022, this symposium will be facilitated by the SFPE Foundation and feature updates on addressing fire hazards in wildland-urban interface areas. Details forthcoming. 


SFPE regularly organizes symposia on topics of interest to the fire protection and fire safety engineering community.  If you have an idea for a future symposium or would like to share your insights, please reach out to Julie Gordon, SFPE’s Director of Membership and Communities, at