Standing Committees

The work of the Society is largely done by the following six standing committees and their respective subcommittees.

Each committee is led by a committee chair, or co-chairs, and has a staff liaison assigned to it. To join a standing committee or subcommittee, click here and navigate to "Committee Request" under "Community." The Board of Directors will review applications and make appointments on a rolling basis.

On January 9, 2019, the SFPE Committee Operations Manual was adopted.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Course Content and Delivery
    • Content Development Teams (CDTs)
  • Conferences, Workshops, and Symposia
  • Emerging Professionals of SFPE (EPS)
  • PE Exam Review Preparation

Membership and Chapter Relations (CMC)

  • Awards
  • Chapter Relations
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Fire Service
  • Membership Growth and Engagement
  • Qualifications
  • Student Outreach
Special Interest Groups
  • Fire Service
  • Women in Engineering

Professional Qualifications (CPQ)

  • Higher Education
  • PE Exam Development
  • Professional Competency and Credentialing
  • Professional Ethics and Standard of Conduct
  • Public Policy

Task Groups

  • FPE Compensation Survey

Research, Tools & Methods (RTM)

  • Codes and Standards Liaison
  • Research and Innovation
  • Standards and Guidelines Development
    • Standards Committee on Performance-Based Design
    • Standards Committee on Calculating Fire Exposure to Structures
    • Standards Committee on Design Fire Scenarios
    • Task Group on Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings 
    • Task Group on Peer Review
    • Task Group on Human Behavior in Fires
    • Task Group on Fire Risk Assessment
  • Standards Oversight

Nominations Committee