Membership & Chapter Relations (CMC) Committee

The SFPE Board of Directors appoints committee members for a three-year term. Members can request to be appointed for additional terms. The Chair and the staff liaison review requests. The Board makes decisions on a rolling basis. To apply to join a standing committee or subcommittee, log in to your member profile, click here, and go to "Committee Request" under "Forms." 

Committee Chair:
Craig Vesely
Committee Vice-Chair: TBD (seeking a Vice-Chair)
Staff Liaison: Ben Fogel

The Standing Committee on Membership and Chapters (CMC) is responsible for the recruitment, retention, and inclusion of members, recognizing member achievements, and awareness of services for allied professionals (code enforcement community), students, and special interest groups. Committee members receive recommendations from fire protection engineers or related professionals to consider recognition for their stature or significant, noteworthy accomplishments. In addition, the Committee fosters communication among chapters, HQ, and the Board of Directors. The Committee is also responsible for helping in the formation of new chapters, creating stronger ties between the chapter and the Society, and identifying opportunities to help chapters disseminate SFPE news and information relevant to their constituencies.



Subcommittee Chair: Craig Vesely
Subcommittee Vice-Chair: Ray Bizal
Staff Liaison: Ben Fogel

The Awards Subcommittee reviews the nominations and makes the selection of awards for final approval by the SFPE Board of Directors.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) 

Subcommittee Chair: Jonathan Bernal
Staff Liaison: Ben Fogel

The DE&I Subcommittee creates and ensures that our Society is a diverse and inclusive one, including reviewing our policies, procedures, programs, events, and services to ensure that we create and provide a welcoming and professional environment for all our members and the community we serve. 

Emerging Professionals

Subcommittee Chair: Brian O'Connor
Subcommittee Vice-Chair: Emily Thomas
Staff Liaison: Ben Fogel

The Emerging Professionals Subcommittee helps members early in their fire protection engineering careers to engage with their peers and provide content and materials needed during the early stages of their careers.

Fire Service

Subcommittee Chair: Brad Cronin
Subcommittee Vice-Chair: Frank Ellis
Staff Liaison: Ben Fogel

The Fire Service Subcommittee advances cooperation and communication between the fire service and the fire protection engineering profession. They focus on sharing research, emerging trends, hot topics, and engineering information with the fire service.

Membership Growth and Engagement

Subcommittee Chair: Steven Barrett
Subcommittee Vice-Chair: Mary Jorgensen
Staff Liaison: Ben Fogel

The Membership Growth and Engagement Subcommittee looks at ways to recruit new members through campaigns and marketing and reviews member services to ensure the Society has a strong value proposition to ensure retention of members.


Subcommittee Chair: Sarge Slicer
Subcommittee Vice-Chair: Deborah Freeland
Staff Liaison: Ben Fogel

The Qualifications Subcommittee evaluates applications for Professional Member and nominations for the grade of Fellow and makes selections for final approval by the SFPE Board of Directors.

Student Outreach

Subcommittee Chair: Matthew Daelhousen 
Staff Liaison: Ben Fogel

The Student Outreach Subcommittee develops materials that can be used to help students learn about fire protection engineering, including participation in the annual Future City Competition and the bi-annual Engineering and Science Festival.