Awards & Honors

Each year, the SFPE Board of Directors approves the recipients who are deserving of the Society's highest accolades. Information about the awards of the Society and the SFPE Foundation, including a listing of past recipients.

The D. Peter Lund Award

The Board of Directors established the D. Peter Lund Award in 1997 to recognize significant contributions to the advancement of the professional recognition of the fire protection engineer. This award is named in honor of D. Peter Lund, CAE, the first Executive Director of the Society. Recipients of the Lund Award.

The David A. Lucht Lamp of Knowledge Award

This award honors an organization, company, or individual that has contributed substantially to increasing the opportunities for higher education in fire protection engineering. The award is named for David A. Lucht in recognition of his 25 years of leadership and dedication to the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Center for Fire Safety Studies and his tireless efforts on behalf of the fire protection engineering profession. Recipients of the Lucht Award.

The Harold E. Nelson Service Award

The Board of Directors created the Harold E. Nelson Service Award in 1987 to recognize dedicated and inspired service to the ideas and goals of the Society. The award is named after Harold E. "Bud" Nelson, P.E., whose parallel fire protection engineering and Society careers are truly worthy of emulation. Recipients of the Nelson Award.

The John J. Ahern President's Award

Originally created by the SFPE Board of Directors in 1987 as the President's Award, it honors individuals whose conspicuous contributions deserve very special recognition by the Society and its leadership. The Award was renamed in 1993 to honor the Society's first President. Recipients of the Ahern Award.

The John L. Bryan Mentoring Award

This award, established in 2007, is in recognition of John L. Bryan and his more than fifty years of commitment and dedication to education and mentoring students and practicing fire protection engineers. This award is presented to an individual who exemplifies commitment and dedication to educating, training and advising fire protection engineers. The recipients are recognized for freely and unselfishly providing their expertise to other individuals in order to assist them in enhancing their education, advancing their careers, and expanding their experience and knowledge in fire protection engineering. Recipients of the Bryan Award.

The Rolf H. Jensen Award for Outstanding Committee Service

The Rolf H. Jensen Award recognizes persons who have rendered unselfish, extraordinary and unusual service on a SFPE committee. The committee service must contribute to Society goals and to the profession of fire protection engineering. Recipients of the Jensen Award.

Fire Protection Person of the Year Award

This Award was created in 1973 to recognize significant achievement in the protection of humanity and the environment from the ravages of unwanted fire and an outstanding contribution to fire protection from outside the membership of SFPE which is broad in scope and has apparent lasting effects. Recipients of the Fire Protection Person of the Year Award.

Hats Off Award

The Hats Off Award is designed to recognize Society members who, in the course of their SFPE assignments, put forth that extra effort ... walk that extra mile ... to ensure that the effort expended was the absolute best. Recipients of the Hats Off Award.

Award for Chapter Excellence (ACE)

The SFPE Board of Directors established the Award for Chapter Excellence (formerly called Chapter Excellence Awards) in 2005 to recognize Chapters that demonstrated excellence in contributing to the needs of their members and the Society. Three levels of recognition are awarded - Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Recipients of the Chapter Excellence Award.

5 Under 35

SFPE Emerging Professionals aim to advocate for their members to ensure wider representation amongst the other SFPE committees and the profession at large. Thus, they have recommended that SFPE recognize five individuals each year who best represent the industry’s top rising leaders who are giving back to the fire protection engineering profession and the community. 5 Under 35 Recipients.

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