European Chapters

SFPE Europe has two categories of members:

  1. Organizational Member: SFPE is the founding organizational member and is a 501 c6 international organisation with similar purpose as SFPE Europe and incorporated in the State of Massachusetts in the United States (hereafter named “SFPE”), represented by the President of the SFPE Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and/or a designated director of the SFPE Board of Directors.
  2. Member Chapters: European Chapters which are Chapters of SFPE in Europe. These Chapters must fulfil and have met the conditions of the SFPE Affiliate Chapter Agreement and been approved by the SFPE Board of Directors. Student chapters of SFPE in Europe, which fulfil and sign the SFPE Student Chapter agreement and are led by a faculty member, can also be invited as a non-voting Member Chapter. 

Admission of new SFPE Europe Members:

The admission of new SFPE Europe members is subject to approval by an ordinary General Assembly pursuant to a proposal of the SFPE Europe Board of Directors and is subjected to the conditions mentioned in article 4 of the statutes.

The Society has 16 chapters and five student chapters located in the European region that work to advance the mission of the Society on a regional level. Many of the SFPE chapters offer scholarships to aid in fire protection and fire safety engineering education in their communities. If you are interested in joining a chapter, contact them directly.
If you don't see a chapter in your country and are interested in starting one please contact us at and we will help you get one started.

Current SFPE Europe Chapter Members


Albania Chapter

President: Nikolin Risilia - email

Benelux Chapter

President: Peter van de Leur - email

Cyprus Chapter

President: Souren Dakessian - email

France Chapter

President: Armelle Muller - email

Germany Chapter

President: Udo Kirchner - email

Greece Chapter

President: Samaras Panagiotis - email

Israeli Chapter

President: Jacob Friedman - email

Italy Chapter

President: Luciano Nigro - email

Norway Chapter

President: Atefeh Eghbali - email

Poland Chapter

President: Tadeusz Cisek - email

Portugal Chapter

Paulo Prata Ramos - email

Serbia Chapter

President: Miroslav Gojic - email

Spain Chapter

President: Jimmy Jonsson - email

Sweden Chapter

President: Robert Jansson McNamee - email

Switzerland Chapter

President: David Grossmann - email

U.K. Chapter

President: Karl Wallasch - email

Student Chapters

The Main School of Fire Service Student Chapter (Poland)

President: Mateusz Zimny: email

Coimbra University Student Chapter (Portugal)


IMFSE Student Chapter (Belgium)

President: Cathleen Lupien: email

Greater London Student Chapter (UK)

President: Francesca Lugaresi: email

The University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

President: David Morissett: email

The SFPE Student Chapter in Edinburgh offered the possibility to institutionalize and organize the current dynamic, social and academic movement among the students who are pursuing courses in fire safety-related degrees. The Student Chapter provides advice and support to undergraduate and postgraduate students on their research work, as well as collaboration opportunities and social activities. ~ Juan P. Hidalgo, Past President of the University of Edinburgh SFPE Student Chapter