Professional Development Committee (CPD)

Scope of Work

The Standing Committee on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is charged with developing and maintaining a strategic continuing education plan for the Society; developing core educational content, providing guidance on topics and content for workshops, symposia and conferences, which meet the body of knowledge transfer and continuing education needs of members worldwide; providing guidance on the delivery formats and methods to facilitate global delivery of core educational content; implementing the instructor review and approval process as defined in the standing rules; and providing guidance on use of relevant education from other allied organizations.

Committee Members

Committee members are appointed by the SFPE Board of Directors for a three-year term. Members can request to be appointed to a second three-year term. Requests are reviewed by the Chair and the staff liaison and decisions are made by the Board of Directors. End of term is denoted in parentheses below.

Committee Chair: Mark Fessenden
Vice-Chair: Jimmy Landmesser
Staff Liaison: Louis Guerrazzi

Ali Aldhab (2021)
Warren Bonisch (2021)
Mark Buschman (2021)
Catherine Childers (2023)

Douglas Carpenter (2021) 
Gilles Carrier (2021)
Stephen Dale (2021) 
James Day (2023)
Mark Fessenden (2021)
Ian Fernandez (2021) 

John Frank (2021)
Gerardo Lopez Gorbea (2021)
Daniel Gorham (2020)
Phillip Gunning (2021)
Kevin Hall (2021)
Talal Ijaz (2021)
Vishal Kashyap (2020)
Rajesh Kaul (2023)
James Landmesser (2021) 
Alfonso Doblado Lara (2021)

John LeBlanc (2021) 
Tyler Mobley (2021)
David Morrisset (2021)

Brian O'Connor (2021)

Kacee Paige (2021)

Rob Plonski (2020)
Robert Richter (2020)
Jesus Rivera (2020) 
Mahmoud Sobeih (2020)
Amal Tamim (2023)
Maria Theodori (2023)

Haeyong Uhm (2021)
Rosalie F. Wills (2023)
Joon W. Yoo (2023)


Course Content and Delivery

Subcommittee Co-Chair: Phil Gunning
Subcommittee Co-Chair: Warren Bonisch
Staff Liaison: Louis Guerrazzi

Scope of Work

The subcommittee shall identify the content that is needed and provide oversight over its development. The development of the content may come from members, consultants, staff, or other resources identified by the committee. In all cases the development of the content must adhere to the policies and procedures established by the Standing Committee and approved by the Board, or otherwise established by the Board as required.

The subcommittee will also identify modes of delivery and formats (online and in person) which can help SFPE effectively deliver the core educational content anywhere in the world in a cost-effective and timely manner.

The subcommittee will not have the authority to engage contractors in support of subcommittee activities, but would be expected to provide input to staff on competency requirements for evaluating contractors and bids, and to provide content review of contractors’ bids if requested.

Committee Members

  • Mark H. Buschman
  • Douglas J. Carpenter
  • Gerardo Lopez Gorbea
  • Vishal Kashyap

    Emerging Professionals of SFPE

    Subcommittee Co-Chair: Brian O'Connor
    Subcommittee Co-Chair: Jonathon Beardmore

    Staff Liaison: Louis Guerrazzi

    Scope of Work

    The subcommittee for Emerging Professionals is comprised of members early in their Fire Protection Engineering career with the goal of engaging their peers within SPFE as well as providing content and materials needed during the early stages of one's career. 

    Committee Members

    • Cathleen Childers
    • Daniel Gorham
    • Kevin Hall
    • Talal Ijaz
    • Tyler Mobley
    • Kacee Paige
    • Rosalie Wills
    • Robin Zevotek

    PE Exam Preparation

    Subcommittee Chair: Stephen Dale
    Staff Liaison: Louis Guerrazzi

    Scope of Work

    The subcommittee for PE Exam Preparation is comprised of members with an interest, experience or expertise in developing or delivering content for fire protection engineering or other related credentialing examinations. The subcommittee is responsible for developing, promoting and delivering tools to prepare candidates for the U.S. engineering licensure examination and other credentialing examinations. Subcommittee members cannot be involved in PE exam development activities.

    Committee Members

    • John Frank
    • James Day
    • Robert Richter

    To join a standing committee or subcommittee fill out and submit this volunteer application. The Board of Directors will review applications and make appointments on a rolling basis.