Continuing Professional Development Standing Committee

Committee Chair: Mark Fessenden
Committee Vice-Chair: Jimmy Landmesser
Staff Liaison: Hana Herron

The Standing Committee on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is charged with developing and maintaining a strategic continuing education plan for the Society; providing guidance on topics and content for events that meet the body of knowledge transfer and continuing education needs of members worldwide; and providing guidance on the use of relevant education from other allied organizations.

Committee members are appointed by the SFPE Board of Directors for a three-year term. Members can request to be appointed for additional terms. Requests are reviewed by the Chair and the staff liaison, and decisions are made by the Board of Directors on a rolling basis. To apply, log in to your member profile and go to "Committee Request" under "Forms."


Course Content Development (CCD)

Subcommittee Chair: Warren Bonisch
Staff Liaison: Hana Herron

This CCD Subcommittee identifies the educational course content that needs to be developed and provides oversight over its development. This subcommittee also ensures that the Society's courses align with our standards, engineering guidelines, and board-approved core competencies. It also provides oversight to develop the content following board-approved policies and procedures.


Subcommittee Chair: Carl Baldassara
Staff Liaison: Chris Jelenewicz

**PE Exam Review

Subcommittee Chair: Stephen Dale
Staff Liaison: Hana Herron

The PE Exam Review Subcommittee comprises members with an interest, experience, or expertise in developing or delivering content for fire protection engineering or other related credentialing examinations. The Subcommittee is responsible for developing, promoting, and delivering tools to prepare candidates for the U.S. engineering licensure examination and other credentialing examinations. Subcommittee members cannot be involved in PE exam development activities.

Annual Conference Program Committee

Committee Chair: Beth Tubbs
Committee Co-Chair: Rose A. West
Staff Liaison: Hana Herron

This subcommittee identifies the topics and speakers and designs the annual conference program. Members may review presentations and moderate sessions.

European Conference on Fire Safety Engineering Program Committee

Committee Co-Chair: Karl Wallasch
Committee Co-Chair: Udo Kirchner
Staff Liaison: Hana Herron

Storage Forum Program Committee

Committee Chair: William Koffel
Staff Liaison: Hana Herron