International Handbook of Structural Fire Engineering

Publisher: SFPE Publish Date: 2021
Pages: 529 ISBN: 978-3-030-77123-2

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This Handbook is focused on structural resilience in the event of fire. It serves as a single point of reference for practicing structural and fire protection engineers on the topic of structural fire safety. It is also stands as a key point of reference for university students engaged with structural fire engineering.

  • Maximizes reader understanding of the concepts of structural fire safety and why/how they emerged and evolved over time
  • Discusses what design fire models exist, when they might be chosen and why
  • Details how different materials respond to fire and the methods that can be employed to attempt to ensure adequate structural response in fire
  • Provides guidance concerning how solutions can be adequately implemented during the construction process
  • Reviews the means by which post-fire performance can be interrogated and under what circumstances different structural forms can or cannot be re-instated