United States Chapters

The Society has 47 chapters and 11 student chapters located in United States that work to advance the mission of the Society on a local level. Many of the SFPE chapters offer scholarships to aid in fire protection engineering education in their communities. If you are interested in joining a chapter, contact them directly or contact Headquarters for assistance.

Central Gulf Coast Chapter (ALABAMA)

President: Tom Wade - email

Alaska Chapter (ALASKA)

President: Christine Ness - email

Arizona Chapter (ARIZONA)

President: Jacob Epstein- email

Northern California-Nevada Chapter (CALIFORNIA / NEVADA)

President: Ronnie Thomas - email

San Diego and Imperial Counties Chapter (CALIFORNIA)

President: David Phillips - email

Southern California Chapter (CALIFORNIA)

President: Steven Dannaway - email

Rocky Mountain Chapter (COLORADO)

President: Andrew Taggart - email

Florida Chapter (FLORIDA)

President: Andrew Valente, P.E. - email

Northeast Florida Chapter (FLORIDA)

President: Stephen Kowkabany -email

Greater Atlanta Chapter (GEORGIA)

President: Katie Pothier- email

Hawaii Chapter (HAWAII)

President: Robert Bigtas - email

Snake River Valley Chapter (Southeast Idaho)

President: David Young - email

Chicago Chapter (ILLINOIS)

President: Matt Humbrecht - email

Kentucky Chapter (KENTUCKY)

President: Anthony Hurst - email

Chesapeake Chapter (MARYLAND)

President: Noah Ryder - email

New England Chapter (MASSACHUSETTS)

President: Brian O'Connor - email

Michigan Chapter(MICHIGAN)

President: Nichole Fraley - email

Minnesota Chapter (MINNESOTA)

President: Melisa A. Rodriguez - email


President: Mike Bullimore - email

Greater St. Louis Chapter (MISSOURI)

President: Steven Jones - email

Great Plains Chapter (NEBRASKA)

President: Ron Geary - email

Southern Nevada Chapter (NEVADA)

President: Ed Kaminski - email

New Jersey Chapter (NEW JERSEY)

President: Rich Reitberger - email

Rio Grande Chapter (NEW MEXICO)

President: Leonard Farello - email

New York Empire Chapter (NEW YORK)

President: Rafal Kulczynski - email

New York Metropolitan Chapter (NEW YORK)

President: Elizabeth Carcone - email


President: Matt Isaacs - email

Triangle - NC Chapter (NORTH CAROLINA)

President: Kareem Kashmiry - email

Central Ohio Chapter (OHIO)

President: Chad Miller - email

Northeast Ohio Chapter (OHIO)

President: Gary Jones, P.E. - email

Tri-State (Cincinnati) Chapter (OHIO)

President: Daniel Lampke - email

Oklahoma Chapter (OKLAHOMA)

President: Jon Roberts - email

Cascade Chapter (OREGON)

President: Tim Carman  - email

Philadelphia-Delaware Valley Chapter (PENNSYLVANIA / DELAWARE)

President: Steve Oliver - email

Pittsburgh-Three Rivers Chapter (PENNSYLVANIA)

President: Ronald Lucarelli - email

Central Savannah River Area Chapter (SOUTH CAROLINA)

President: Rob Plonski - email

Middle Tennessee Chapter (TENNESSEE)

President: Chuck Boyte - email

Tennessee Valley Chapter (TENNESSEE)

President: Jimmy Landmesser, Jr. - email

Central Texas Chapter (TEXAS)

President: Jeff Shapiro - email

Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter (TEXAS)

President: Chad Nester - email

Houston Chapter (TEXAS)

President: Jared Thibodaux - email

Texas Panhandle Chapter (TEXAS)

President: Brian Rhodes - email

Utah Chapter (UTAH)

President: Thomas Gray - email

Central Virginia Chapter (VIRGINIA)

President: Joe Rainey - email

Columbia Basin Chapter (WASHINGTON)

President: David M. Wyatt, P.E. - email

Pacific Northwest Chapter (WASHINGTON)

President: Mark Mannex - email

Wisconsin Chapter (WISCONSIN)

President: Craig Vesely - email 

Student Chapters

If you don't see a chapter in your area and are interested in starting one please contact us at (301) 718-2910 or info@sfpe.org, we will help you get one started.