Designations & More

The SFPE designation is widely recognized as the gold standard in the profession. Members use it after your name, on business cards, and more. Plus, SFPE members have access to our Affinity program, providing a variety of essential business discounts, including PE insurance. And don’t forget about the SFPE digital wallpaper background for all future Zoom meetings.

Members use their respective membership designation (PMSFPE & FSFPE) after their name, in their signature block and on their business cards, signifying an educational and professional commitment that is highly regarded in the fire protection engineering profession.

Affinity Program
Gain access to exclusive discounts on a variety of valuable resources such as private hotel bookings, copying and printing, and Adobe Creative Cloud software with SFPE’s Affinity Program

Insurance Solutions
Great insurance is about protecting members, clients, and companies.   When mistakes or misunderstandings occur, and they do, members need to be prepared with the resources to correct or defend with a professional insurance program designed specifically for SFPE and our profession. Learn more about SFPE-endorsed insurance solutions.

Virtual Meeting Wallpaper/Background
Show your SFPE pride with some fire protection engineering wallpaper. Select a favorite backdrop for future virtual meetings.