PE Exam Review

The online PE exam review course is an excellent preparation tool to prepare you for the Fire Protection Engineering PE Exam.

2020 marked the first year the PE Fire Protection Exam moves to Computer-Based Testing (CBT) format. With this change in format, this course has been revised to meet the current NCEES exam specifications and format. Registering for this program will give you access to our 15 live, 1.5-hour sessions from anywhere. Each session is taught by one of our 12 subject matter experts, using web conferencing technology and supported through SFPE's eLearning portal, which will allow you the opportunity to ask questions as they arise throughout each session. Following the 15 live sessions, you will have access to weekly office hours the four (4) weeks leading up to the exam date. This effective educational online prep course will help you organize and navigate through the reference materials and allow for maximum retention.

Who Should Attend

Anyone preparing for the PE Exam, or anyone needing a refresher including existing engineers, fire marshals, and loss control specialists: participants will come away with an understanding of the principles of fire protection engineering, and even if you are not taking the exam this year, but want to assess your readiness for a future exam, this online PE exam prep course will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the principles of fire protection engineering.


  • Exam Preparation & Exam Taking Strategies
  • Fire Protection Analysis
  • Fire Protection Management
  • Human Behavior
  • Fire Dynamics
  • Fire Protection System
  • Smoke Management
  • Explosion Protection
  • Passive Building Systems

Enrollment Includes

  • Participation in either the Tuesday and/or Thursday session
  • Two-hours of access to instructors outside class hours
  • Electronic copies of the online PE exam prep training slides


The full 19-week schedule starts June 1 and runs every Tuesday and Thursday until the week of September 13. From September 20 - October 11 there will be a single weekly office hour until the week of the exam.

The schedule for 2021 SFPE PE Exam Review Course is as follows:

  • Week 1 - June 1/June3 Introduction to the course, overview of course materials, setting a study roadmap
    Week 2 - June 8/June 10 Information Types/Sources
    Week 3 - June 15/June 17 Analysis Types
    Week 4 - June 22/June 23 Fire Dynamics
    Week 5 - June 28/June 30 Fire Dynamics
    Week 6 - July 5/July 7 Smoke Control
    Week 7 - July 12/July 14 Passive
    Week 8 - July 19/July 21 Human Behavior
    Week 9 - July 26/July 28 Means of Egress
    Week 10 - August 2/August 4 Detection & Alarm
    Week 11 - August 16/August 18 Water Based Systems - Water Supply
    Week 12 - August 23/August 25 Water Based Systems - Suppression Systems
    Week 13 - August 30/September 2 Special Hazards Systems
    Week 14 - September 6/September 8 Explosion Protection
    Week 15 - September 13/September 15 Course Wrap up 
    Week 16 - Week of September 20 Office hours - Fire Dynamics/Smoke Control
    Week 17 - Week of September 27 Office Hours - Passive/Human Behavior/Means of Egress
    Week 18 - Week of October 4 Office Hours - Detection & Alarm/Water Based Systems
    Week 19 - Week of October 11 Office Hours - Special Hazard Systems/Explosion Protection
You have the flexibility to attend the Tuesday and/or Thursday session each week. 

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Reading Requirements

COVID-19 - Taking the PE in 2021 

For updates on testing and exam administration related to the current global health thread visit: Approvals by state boards are handled individually and your specific board should be contacted if there are questions related to that process.


Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are only granted for the sessions in which you fully participate. Your participation is verified by being logged into the web conference technology during the session. The maximum number of PDHs that can be awarded for the 15 weeks is 22.5 PDHs, even if the sessions run long or you attend a Tuesday and Thursday session in a given week.