A Message from Jimmy Jönsson, Past ECCG President
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A Message from Jimmy Jönsson, Past ECCG President 

This is our third issue of the SFPE Europe magazine and the first one of 2016. I am happy to say that we have continued the high quality work with this latest issue which includes three very interesting articles.

The first article is about dynamic signage, something unknown to some and quite familiar to others. The majority of work being done in this area is still only part of research projects, but the topic is beginning to emerge as an aspect of fire engineering in real life building projects as well. This is no doubt a topic that will evolve rapidly during the upcoming years and is sure to become common in future building projects where fire safety engineering is applied. I am certain that you will find the article very valuable and eye-opening with regard to the potential these types of solutions have.

The second article also addresses a topic that is quite novel: fire safety and timber buildings. Timber as a construction material is quite common in some countries but practically unknown in others. When it is used in building construction, it should be used correctly and with fire safety as an important consideration. A good knowledge base about the fire safety of timber as a building material is a must for any engineer involved in these types of construction projects. This article provides fascinating insights and important information about fire safety in timber buildings.

The third article belongs to a rapidly evolving field of fire safety engineering: modelling. Many national fire regulations have a section regarding separation distances between buildings, something that can be tracked quite far back in building codes. The normal approach is the use of pre-established tables (based on building use, fire sector size, etc.) to determine the required separation distance. This type of approach works well for common buildings, but it could be difficult to apply these methods to singular buildings, and in these cases a more practical approach (based on first principles) is necessary. This article gives a description of a modelling tool that could be used as part of such an approach.

I would also like to promote an upcoming event. We will celebrate the 11th SFPE Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods in Warsaw, Poland this year. The program looks really good and I am certain that it will be a success. I am looking forward to see you in Warsaw in a couple of months.

While this will be my last President’s column, I will continue to be heavily involved with SFPE Europe and other SFPE initiatives. I am glad to say that we have elected a new ECCG President for this year, Piotr Tofilo, from the Polish chapter. I am confident that he will continue our progress and I look forward to an exciting year.

As always, a great thanks to the people that have put in a lot of time and effort to make this latest issue of SFPE Europe a reality. I hope you enjoy it.

Yours sincerely,



Jimmy Jönsson, ECCG Immediate-Past President

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