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Fire protection engineering is an exciting and rewarding profession. A career in fire protection engineering provides opportunities for world travel, and offers the chance to work in a variety of environments. Here is what practicing fire protection engineers are saying about the profession.

Vidar Landa
There are so many different things to do. I’m involved with everything — a huge variety of tasks. I’m never stuck behind a desk.”

— Vidar Landa, Schirmer Engineering Corporation.
Amanda Moore
"I really like it because there are a lot of different areas to work in. Like consulting, working for a town or city government, or working for a code organization.”

— Amanda Moore, Arup.
Tony Caro
"In my first job, I spent my first five years traveling internationally, so I got to see a lot of cool places.”

—Tony Caro, Fire Prevention Bureau & Investigation Division for City of Denver

Moreover, fire protection engineers find satisfaction with their careers knowing that they have the opportunity to make the world a better place.

Stacey Welch "I get a charge from feeling I make a difference in people’s lives. There’s a direct correlation between my work and people’s safety. I feel I’m making a clear contribution to society.”

— Stacey Welch, Fire Protection Engineer, Marriott International
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